Tip of the Week #85 – Add a CRM Chart to Your NAV Role Center

Tip of the Week #85 – Add a CRM Chart to Your NAV Role Center

PrintVis CEO Kasper Tomshøj brings us this week’s helpful tip.

Are you running Dynamics CRM with integration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV? If so, you can take advantage of certain extra tables in NAV – and very easily customize your personal dashboard/Role Center so you actually see live data directly from CRM in an easy-to-understand chart view.

Once integration is set up, you will have your contacts in Dynamics NAV coupled and synchronized with those in CRM, so that data is updated regularly between the two systems.

From within Dynamics NAV, go to the search field on the top right and type “CRM” – you’ll get a menu of Dynamics lists. For example, you can find a list of all your company’s existing sales opportunities. From there you can filter as desired to narrow down your selections to a specific view, such as “Open Opportunities” by rating (“warm” or “hot”) and dollar value. Click “Show as Chart” to view the data as an easy-to-understand graphic within NAV.

Create a Custom Chart

To create the chart and add it to your Role Center, simply enter “generic charts” in the search field to define a new chart and click on “New.” Now in the data source field select “Table,” and in the Source ID field enter “5343.”

That’s the tip: 5343 is the Table ID for the list of Opportunities.

Now enter your required Measures and Dimensions for the X and Y axes – for example, “EstimatedValue” and “OpportunityRatingCode” – to reflect the data you wish to see. Give your chart a description (“Opportunities”) and click OK to save it.

Now you have your chart; All you need to do is go back to the Role Center and click the gear icon on the top right of the window pane, select “Customize” and choose Opportunities from the list of available charts.

An obvious benefit of this is the ability to tailor your Role Center view to suit your individual needs. A CEO or a salesman can now get a nice overview of the current sales pipeline and its estimated value right from their daily dashboard.

Thank you Kasper!

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