As most print companies know, the greatest and most common barrier to adopting a new ERP system, whether moving from an existing system or implementing from scratch, is the very serious concern of downtime. The modern print industry is so highly competitive – deadlines are tight and profit margins are often so thin that businesses can’t afford much lost productivity before ending up in the red for the month.

Migration of data from one system to another can be readily expedited using a tool which Microsoft launched for Dynamics NAV called RapidStart.

Within Dynamics NAV – now known as Business Central – users can both extract and import basic data using simple worksheets, known as configuration worksheets. Your implementation Partner can create custom worksheets tailored to the unique facets of your business to easily bring in historical data which allows for the setup and configuration of a new company, the import of existing customers, vendors, charts of accounts, inventory items (such as papers and inks) and basically any list that could be built on an Excel spreadsheet.

PrintVis has created our own RapidStart configuration worksheets because most printers share very common needs. Customers, either on their own or working with their PrintVis consultant, answer a series of questions about their workflows, cost centers (i.e. printing presses and other areas where time is registered), hourly rates and more which, when complete, will have achieved around 80% of the general setup – allowing them to go live within days, not months.

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Depending on the complexity of your print business, PrintVis will use the following components to speed up your company setup:

  • Configuration Wizard
  • Configuration Worksheet
  • Configuration Packages
  • Configuration Templates
  • Configuration Questionnaire (as seen above)

There is much more to understand about RapidStart, including the fact that it can be leveraged in an ongoing basis once you’ve gone live with the system (for example, to integrate financial data such as customer records, vendor records, and other items in the event of the merger of two companies).

So don’t let fear of lethal downtime stop you from revitalizing your print company with the one print MIS you will never outgrow: PrintVis, powered by Microsoft Dynamics (and accelerated by RapidStart!) – contact us for a free demo today!