PrintVis for the Large Format Printing Industry

Wide or large format printing industry is typically the manufacturers of POP/POS (point of purchase/point of sale) banners, vinyl wall graphics, billboards, vehicle wraps, signs, etc. Most such items are now produced on digital printers, the advent of which has allowed for short-quantity runs, last-minute ordering, multiple substrates and variable versions and data.

Printers and plotters in many variations are now in the market at increasingly reasonable prices with impressive quality – in this league of products some companies have extremely large format screen print machines which make truly beautiful work.

PrintVis powered by Microsoft suits all of your requirements – from estimation, planning, producing, invoicing to shipping. 

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Large Format Digital Print Management

The rise of digital printing has become quite the game changer, simultaneously allowing for high-quality work and quickfire scheduling.

In large format digital printing the order quantities are often small, so it is vital that the ordering process can be quick and easy. With the correct setup, order time can be reduced dramatically. With steady customers the order process goes preferably through a customer-specific web interface – using their own item numbers and ordering a number of different items simultaneously. Bulk ordering of larger quantities with many different recipients of items is also one of the many areas for which PrintVis is able to support and provide management.

Banner Printing Software

Sign and banner printing software solutions such as PrintVis make it easy for you to estimate, plan, produce and ship these often massive pieces which drape storefronts and grace public events.

When setting up large format print we make sure to group the post-print activities in logical sets of components, such as stitching, eyeletting and mounting with all work processes and material bits involved – easy to pick for estimation and easy to present on quotes and job tickets.

As finishing is the heavy part of the price companies will try to focus their attention to bringing the production time down and minimize the time between processes.

The finishing of banners requires bench work and is also the greater part of the price of the finished product. Activities include sewing the sides and bottoms (with lead strings for weight) and putting eyelets or grippers in the corners. For banners which are many times the size of the capacity of the digital printer there is welding or sewing to make the finished product. If the labor force is skilled and diligent the products are durable, and  if not – the products can be ruined in wind and weather.

Easy calculation

PrintVis has ways of calculating these large formats – even if the size is larger than the machine. The user input is often types of eyelets or roll-ups, and the system will automatically find the price based on templates and formulae for this part of the industry. The tradeoff between diligence and price is a key issue, as well as managing delivery milestones with a production involving so much hands-on work.

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