Vilpak Streamlines Packaging Production with PrintVis

Vilpak, one of the largest packaging manufacturers in Northern Europe, producing innovative food, non-food and premium packaging, faced numerous challenges due to inefficient processes and scattered data. Prior to implementing PrintVis, the company relied on proprietary ERP and various third-party systems, resulting in prolonged manufacturing jobs, inaccurate estimations, inefficient warehouse operations, and a lack of holistic visibility into their overall operations.

Seeking a reliable, end-to-end solution tailored to the print and packaging industry, Vilpak embarked on a search for a software system that could address their unique needs.

Wanted: An all-in-one solution for the packaging industry

During their search, Vilpak established specific criteria for their ideal solution: a vertical all-in-one software for the packaging industry from a trusted vendor. They conducted their search through the internet and sought guidance from external consultants. Although they considered multiple options, PrintVis ultimately stood out due to its superior functionality, vendor reliability, and the availability of a local PrintVis Partner to facilitate the implementation process.

To ensure a successful implementation, Vilpak enlisted the expertise of Alna Business, an experienced Microsoft Dynamics 365 and certified PrintVis Partner with a track record of handling large and complex projects. While the implementation process presented some challenges, primarily due to tight deadlines and changes in final functionality, Vilpak successfully surmounted them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Benefits and improvements

With the adoption of PrintVis, Vilpak witnessed a wide range of benefits and improvements throughout their business processes. The company now manages every stage of packaging production within a single application, seamlessly handling quotes, job completion, delivery, invoicing, and analysis. The system’s inventory forecasting capabilities have helped Vilpak optimize supply levels, effectively managing company capital. Additionally, each manufacturing job now has a designated responsible person, ensuring clear accountability from estimators to salespersons, production coordinators, and shop floor workers.

Estimations saw a significant boost in accuracy, reaching an impressive 98% compared to job costing statistics. Warehouse operations became more efficient, enabling optimal resource utilization. By leveraging PrintVis, Vilpak gained a comprehensive understanding of costs, facilitating leaner production processes and increasing efficiency with every job.

The implementation of PrintVis has translated into significant time and cost savings for Vilpak. By consolidating their packaging production activities into a single software solution, the company has eliminated errors in quotes and estimations, streamlined operations, and achieved tangible savings.

The system’s comprehensive features have enabled Vilpak to deliver premium quality packaging to clients across Europe and the United States while optimizing their internal processes.

Looking ahead, Vilpak plans to integrate additional third-party services, such as accounts payable/receivable and production planning, into the PrintVis environment. They also have ambitions to expand their business and launch a second location with the support of PrintVis. The company remains committed to leveraging PrintVis as a strategic solution to drive their growth and further enhance their operational efficiency.

Vilpak has transformed its packaging manufacturing operations, embracing a streamlined and integrated approach that empowers them to meet customer demands with speed, accuracy, and unmatched quality.

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