15. December, 2021

Generic Data

PrintVis Developer Open Office Session:   Sometimes it is required to have custom fields on certain tables, to store data. PrintVis provides three tools for creating new fields on certain tables and to work with generic data: Integrated User Fields User Fields KPI Calculation Integrated User Fields The intention with integrated user fields is that […]

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3. December, 2021

Custom Calculation Formulas

Calculation formulas are quite important, as they are used for the detailed setup of the estimation for a job. In PrintVis we ship hundreds of standard formulas to help you calculate jobs correctly. Some examples of standard formulas:   Quantity  Colors  No. of sheets  Weight of paper  Waste  There is also a great possibility to […]

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17. November, 2021

Upgrading On-Prem Environments to a New Version

Let’s look at why we think it’s important to upgrade.  Important reasons for upgrading: We think it’s important to upgrade as regularly as possible, at least with every major release – because you get new features, fixes, and tools from Business Central. In the last couple of releases Microsoft provided the performance tool, snapshot debugger […]

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16. November, 2021

Working with and Requesting New Events in PrintVis

PrintVis is and has always been a customizable system. On top of the work done in Denmark, global partners were able to fine tune the system for their customers by making changes directly in the source code. With the introduction of Extensions and AppSource a few years ago it became a different experience, since the […]

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12. October, 2021

The Easiest Way to Upgrade to Business Central

Upgrades from Microsoft Dynamics NAV to Business Central can take a very long time! Skilled technical resources are required, and often the return on investment is simply not there to justify the project. This is the frequent feedback we receive from our partners on this subject. On the other hand, it’s clear to everyone that […]

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