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As a customer you can benefit from joining the PrintVis User Group which offers numerous benefits such as knowledge sharing, great networking opportunities, sharing best practices, and getting the latest news from PrintVis.

The user group, being customer-driven through a Steering Committee, facilitates direct interactions between PrintVis customers. Together with the User Group Steering Committee we aim at building a vibrant and strong community, where you can connect with other PrintVis users from around the world online and in-person.

Learn from peers and share your experiences and insights into how you use PrintVis. Knowledge-sharing helps other users discover new features, ways of working, and functionalities they may not have considered.

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Share insights, expand your network, and learn from others

The user group can also be a space for brainstorming, inspiration, and generating new ideas. Discuss your needs, changes in consumer and market demands, requirements and challenges.

Share success stories within the user group to inspire others. Learn from each other’s achievements, which can be motivating to explore new ways of utilizing PrintVis to improve and optimize your own processes.

Get the latest information about releases and new features from PrintVis. We will share ‘work smarter’ tips and tricks as well as ensuring you are up-to-date on product information.

The Steering Committee

These customers are members of the User Group Steering Committee:

  • Don Feaver, Friesens Corporation
  • Hugh Cleveland, CPI Packaging
  • Jim Tomblinson, Modern Litho
  • Parag Patel, ePac Flexible Packaging
  • Stan Potma, Hemlock Printers
  • Scott Carritt, Courier Graphics Corporation

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