A Very Ambitious Implementation Schedule

Danish packaging company Mammens Emballage faced the dilemma that their existing Microsoft Dynamics AX solution was no longer meeting their demands for estimation and production planning. They were in need of a system where everything – from quoting to planning to delivery – was integrated; one that could capture detailed data for every product and production run. They also had to stock an inventory of finished products for their customers for instant order fulfillment. Lastly, visibility throughout the entire production cycle was crucial – it was imperative that the employees could share the vital information about job scheduling, order status, etc.

”At Mammens Emballage we produce packaging from paper, cardboard and plastic. It was a very positive experience for us to learn that all the complex issues in a company like ours can be handled in PrintVis”

Claus Iwersen, CFO

Increased customer satisfaction and production efficiency

Mammens Emballage produces packaging from cardboard and corrugated cardboard. The company, owned by Good Food Group, became a part of Emballagegruppen A/S in 2013.

We chose PrintVis for several reasons”, says CFO of Mammens Emballage, Claus Iwersen. “Primarily, our sales reps now have full insight into all available information to a case, meaning they are able to answer questions from customers immediately. They no longer have to ask several of their colleagues about a specific customer case, before they are able to give the customer an answer. This saves a lot of time, and has dramatically increased both our customer service level, and our production efficiency. Everyone has the same information, and we are able to provide a quote quickly, when a customer calls us.”

Secondly, we now have a system which handles estimation, calculation, production planning, posting of material consumption and also handles our customer-owned inventory – that was very important for us.” We have a system which meets our customers’ demands to us, and which can grow with our future needs.” “Finally, we were promised a very aggressive implementation time schedule, which was met to the minute. We had the initial meeting on October 27th and we went live on January 2nd – a couple of weeks earlier than initially planned,” says Claus Iwersen.

What makes such an aggressive implementation cycle possible is PRIMe. PRIMe is a tool which handles the configuration and implementation of PrintVis. “We create a project plan, which visualizes what must be done, by whom and by when. And because the staff at Mammens Emballage was well prepared and very enthusiastic in the workshops, we managed to implement PrintVis ahead of schedule without compromising the quality,” says Kit Tomshøj, Senior PrintVis Consultant. Mammens Emballage chose to finish the implementation by holding individual training sessions for the key employees.

That investment proved to be very valuable, especially a few days later, when they went live.

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