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The combined solution of PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly covers all your administrative processes within a single system. Enter new shipping addresses, financial metrics, or inventory levels just once, and instantly share this vital data across the entire company. This unified system eliminates errors from multiple entries and ensures everyone has access to the most up-to-date information, even from their mobile devices.

While PrintVis is a comprehensive business management solution for all sectors of the print industry, graphics companies often employ diverse production methods that may require third-party software for specific tasks. PrintVis easily integrates with various applications, including prepress, packaging-specific software, label printing, web shops, paper vendors, shipping and payment systems, JDF/JMF software, and more.

“When the core platform is Microsoft based you get integration to other Microsoft products. The Microsoft Office suite and Outlook become an extension of your Print MIS system. For example, you can write reports using the Office suite and then bring them back into PrintVis. By utilizing the tools your employees are already familiar with (e.g. Microsoft Word), you can make adoption easier and reduce training because you’re using tools your team is already familiar with.”

Jennifer Matt,

Leverage the power of the Microsoft technology stack

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the engine of your PrintVis system, you can leverage the comprehensive suite of Microsoft products and services designed to work together, creating a cohesive and integrated environment for your business.

The value of this integration is immense. Utilize essential productivity tools such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and the innovative new AI assistant, Copilot, every day while PrintVis optimizes your print production and centralizes your operations.

Additionally, Microsoft Azure serves as a cloud computing platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services. It securely hosts your cloud-based PrintVis solution, ensuring robust performance and security.

Kodak Prinergy

In 2021, we introduced a new integration with Kodak Prinergy Cloud’s latest service, Dynamic Print Planning (DPP). Kodak Dynamic Print Planning automates ganging and print planning for both offset and digital printing. DPP intelligently suggests when and how print jobs should be produced on specific Cost Centers. Its primary goal is to ensure required delivery dates are met, while its secondary goal is to minimize costs across the entire pool of orders.

ECO3 for Prepress

Recognizing the need for sophisticated prepress solutions among some customers, PrintVis offers integrations with ECO3, formerly known as Agfa Offset Solutions. ECO3 provides a comprehensive suite of prepress software designed to enhance productivity and streamline print workflows. This integration enables the automation and distribution of prepress processes using JDF, PDF, and digital film, creating a fully digital workflow.

One of the key components is Apogee Prepress, an advanced workflow automation tool that integrates various prepress processes into a single system. Apogee Prepress automates imposition, job setup, and task processing, enhancing efficiency and reducing errors. Supporting both commercial printing and packaging, it manages complex tasks like nesting and die cutting. This information is then fed into PrintVis for complete print production management, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow from prepress to final production.

Web Storefronts Integrations

In today’s market, customers expect your print shop to have an online ordering presence. PrintVis supports integration with leading platforms such as Shopify, XMPie, OnPrintShop, VPress, and more.

Customer orders are seamlessly fed through your chosen web storefront into your PrintVis system, generating Cases that flow directly into your production environment. This integration ensures efficient workflows and enhanced customer experiences, delivering robust e-commerce solutions tailored specifically to the printing industry.

ESKO Integration

ESKO the global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions and PrintVis the global developer of the print MIS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have come together with a 100 % integrated workflow automation & MIS system that increases throughput while eliminating errors.

The integration is developed specifically for the packaging industry and provides scalable and robust platforms that meet today’s high customer demands. This ensures on-time delivery and guarantees high customer satisfaction with a world-class software system that improves efficiency and increases valuable data flow to every corner of the business.

Print industry market leaders are forging ahead with new, agile, and efficient ways of working while undergoing digital transformation to meet the changing demands of increasing job complexity, shorter lead time, and need for increased SKU proliferation while at the same time there is a pressure to drive down costs without impacting quality.

With a fully integrated solution PrintVis and ESKO have closed the gap between MIS and production – and extended the value of core business applications beyond just managing processes by empowering people. You can now make data driven decisions and build valuable scenario modelling for future resource planning, while identifying and optimizing wasteful practices and processes.

  • Errors are reduced by 80% with automated quality checks
  • Increase throughput by up to 50% with minimized manual intervention, automated workflows, and data centralization
  • Deliver up to 40% more jobs with standardized processes and offloading of manual tasks to automated workflows

LoyaltyLoop Integration

The integration between PrintVis and LoyaltyLoop will empower print businesses to gain insight of and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. By seamlessly connecting print job management with personalized customer feedback surveys, businesses can strengthen their relationships with their clients.

With LoyaltyLoop’s automated feedback collection system, print businesses can gather valuable insights from customers effortlessly, encourage Google and other online reviews, allowing them to continuously improve their services and offerings.

The integration automatically flows customer contacts in PrintVis for recent transactions into LoyaltyLoop, automating the feedback process. Feedback results automatically flow from LoyaltyLoop back into PrintVis, allowing users to easily monitor customer sentiments and act quickly. This full-cycle integration provides PrintVis users unprecedented simplicity for their customer experience process.

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Interested in a third-party solution we haven’t mentioned?

The combined solution of PrintVis and Business Central is incredibly flexible and open, allowing for seamless integration with most systems. By leveraging standardized data exchange formats such as EDI, XML, and JSON, as well as powerful Azure Integration Services, PrintVis offers a scalable and reliable infrastructure for nearly any custom integration need. Your business can easily connect PrintVis with a wide range of software solutions, creating a cohesive and efficient workflow tailored to your unique requirements.

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Don’t forget to explore the hundreds of apps available on Microsoft AppSource, the online marketplace where users can find and try business applications and software services that work with Microsoft products. Microsoft AppSource offers a wide range of apps and solutions developed by Microsoft and third-party vendors, covering categories such as productivity, analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) and more. These tools can help you enhance your operations and achieve your business goals.

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