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Standard integrated software solutions like PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central are truly integrated because there is one system that covers all administrative processes in a single database. If the customer provides new shipping addresses it can be entered into all departments at once, making it instantly available to the entire company! It‘s that simple for all data – including vital statistics and closing fiscal periods. All of this without the errors so commonly encountered when entering data more than once.

Print companies vary greatly in what they produce and how they produce it, and integrations with 3rd-party software are commonly required to fulfill some specific task that is unique to one company’s operative needs. PrintVis has successful integrations with many of these, including 3rd-party prepress systems, packaging-specific systems, label, paper vendor, web-shop, shipping and payment systems, and of course JDF/JMF software – the print industry standard – where we have been on the CIP4 board for over a decade.

“When the core platform is Microsoft based you get integration to other Microsoft products. The Microsoft Office suite and Outlook become an extension of your Print MIS system. For example, you can write reports using the Office suite and then bring them back into PrintVis. By utilizing the tools your employees are already familiar with (e.g. Microsoft Word), you can make adoption easier and reduce training because you’re using tools your team is already familiar with.”

Jennifer Matt,

Workflow Integrations

When we speak of workflow integration we are referring to the merging of functionalities from different software solutions into a unified solution, resulting in valuable communication and data exchange between those integrated software solutions – and sometimes their respective machinery.

In years past multiple software solutions were used for various needs in your business; each with its own interface (usually requiring training) and database. Each department would work “internally” and communication between the groups usually involved paperwork. This also led to a tremendous amount of duplicate data entry – and wasted time.

For example, customer or supplier data is needed for your estimating department, your shipping department, your billing department, not to mention marketing and sales.  Closing financial periods usually meant many hours of manual work, painstakingly gathering data to balance the books.

But these disparate interfaces are typically maintained, each by its own supplier – without an across-the-board standard. So – even a small software upgrade in one could necessitate redevelopment of all interfaces – causing problems with hardware and/or operation system compatibility. Having your business hamstrung by such issues was a regular expectation.

Web-to-Print Integration

PrintVis comes with its own B2B customer front-end, and also can integrate to most any Web Shop or Web-to-Print solution. PrintVis web integration even allows you to have an individual web application for each customer, designed differently but using the same core.

AGFA Apogee X Integration

Taking a leap into creating some out-of-the-box JDF integration, PrintVis now ships with the first of several predefined levels of integration (“packages”) for communication between PrintVis and AGFA prepress software. Each of these levels will provide documented examples for the required setup of jobs and their individual data flows.

Well-structured and documented, you can now simply install and run a ‘package’ to set up your entire initial communication between PrintVis and AGFA Apogee Prepress 10.x and 11.x, where standard workflows are predefined by their product type.

The AGFA Apogee X Integration Package includes outbound information from PrintVis to AGFA, as well as actual responses and basic job costing information flowing back to PrintVis from AGFA (referred to as Level 1 and Level 3 integration).

In order to packet such a complex integration as JDF/JMF, quite a few ‘standards’ have been set, but rest assured that you are still fully able to enhance your setup.

So – when you’re ready to start your JDF integration between PrintVis and AGFA, please do not hesitate to make use of this great new package that will get it all set up properly.

ESKO Integration

ESKO the global developer of integrated hardware and software solutions and PrintVis the global developer of the print MIS Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central have come together with a 100 % integrated workflow automation & MIS system that increases throughput while eliminating errors.

The integration is developed specifically for the packaging industry and provides scalable and robust platforms that meet today’s high customer demands. This ensures on-time delivery and guarantees high customer satisfaction with a world-class software system that improves efficiency and increases valuable data flow to every corner of the business.

Print industry market leaders are forging ahead with new, agile, and efficient ways of working while undergoing digital transformation to meet the changing demands of increasing job complexity, shorter lead time, and need for increased SKU proliferation while at the same time there is a pressure to drive down costs without impacting quality.

With a fully integrated solution PrintVis and ESKO have closed the gap between MIS and production – and extended the value of core business applications beyond just managing processes by empowering people. You can now make data driven decisions and build valuable scenario modelling for future resource planning, while identifying and optimizing wasteful practices and processes.

  • Errors are reduced by 80% with automated quality checks
  • Increase throughput by up to 50% with minimized manual intervention, automated workflows, and data centralization
  • Deliver up to 40% more jobs with standardized processes and offloading of manual tasks to automated workflows

LoyaltyLoop Integration

The integration between PrintVis and LoyaltyLoop will empower print businesses to gain insight of and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. By seamlessly connecting print job management with personalized customer feedback surveys, businesses can strengthen their relationships with their clients.

With LoyaltyLoop’s automated feedback collection system, print businesses can gather valuable insights from customers effortlessly, encourage Google and other online reviews, allowing them to continuously improve their services and offerings.

The integration automatically flows customer contacts in PrintVis for recent transactions into LoyaltyLoop, automating the feedback process. Feedback results automatically flow from LoyaltyLoop back into PrintVis, allowing users to easily monitor customer sentiments and act quickly. This full-cycle integration provides PrintVis users unprecedented simplicity for their customer experience process.

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