Shop Floor Management Software

Every print production manager knows that the shop floor is where the rubber meets the road. To distribute all information from PrintVis to your production team, use the online real-time electronic job ticket in the shop floor management software module. This will ensure that your production team always has the latest production instructions on hand, with all information drawn directly from the database.

The Shop Floor module retrieves data on consumption of goods and time directly from your production and posts the information to each production order in real-time. This grants you an updated status of every order in your production and your available machine capacity.

Shop Floor Automation

With highly-robust functionality for communication and real-time data sharing between your production department and the shop floor, automation of your print workflow is achievable. Here are some features your press operators and other workers will enjoy from their shop floor Role Centers:

  • The Production Plan is now available in both Tile and List Views, set on a per-User basis. We received feedback from some operators who preferred the more extended job information displayed in the List view.
  • Tiles for recording indirect time are now displayed on the lower row of the Production Plan.
  • From the “Started Jobs” window, an operator can pull up his/her job with a single click, to continue working – or to stop or finalize the process.
  • For jobs that require more than one worker at a time (for example, one is the press operator, the other a helper, stacking paper), multiple users can log in and register their time during the same process, at the same Cost Center. Only the last operator to mark the process ‘Complete’ will update the Planning Unit.
  • If a process is split into multiple ‘units’ – it could be a 10 hour job, split into 4 and 6 hours, or a large digital press sheet split to multiple presses – each of those units is now fully managed individually, and can start and stop independently.
  • There is a new Fact Box on the Shop Floor Page, presenting User Fields (formerly only the external description was shown).
  • To avoid inadvertent double registration of time from the Shop Floor, starting an indirect time recording (such as for press maintenance) now can automatically stop any direct time recording.

Shop Floor Data Collection

As a supplement to our JDF integration, PrintVis supports the gathering of basic performance information from older printing presses and other Cost Centers that are used in your daily operations – but which lack a digital interface of their own.

For this we use a DCM (Data Collection Module) – an external data collection hardware module with i/o functionality and ethernet accessibility. This allows for the capture and entry of key shop floor data at the site of any machine.

We have developed a standard software interface for a specific DCM – The MOXA E1210 I/O module.

The data collected is either “counting ticks” or “on/off states” from your Cost Centers, enabling PrintVis to keep track of, for example, a printed quantity from your running press, and whether it is currently in “Setup” or “Print” mode. This information is now shared seamlessly with the PrintVis Shop Floor app.

Shop Floor Scheduling Software

The online real-time electronic job ticket in the Shop Floor module will ensure that your production team always has the latest production instructions on hand, with all information drawn directly from the database. Now that technology allows for real time, company-wide data collection, shop floor scheduling software can save your production manager from having to make all those trips to the production area.

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