A full-service large format printing agency

Landmark Grafix is a full-service printing agency based in California producing everything from signage and wraps to POP and fleet graphics.

The company was established in 1993 and focused on high quality graphics for race cars and teams. Since then, they have expanded their services beyond motorsports to a full-service print provider delivering large format printing for retail, corporate, events and commercial clients.

Landmark Grafix’s printing technology includes flatbed and roll-to-roll HP Latex printing. They offer high quality and high-volume services using a wide range of mainstream and more unique materials.

John Sharp, CEO at Landmark Grafix explains the reasons Landmark Grafix started looking for a new software solution:
We needed a more robust accounting and inventory management solution that tied into a more granular quoting and invoice system.  Our existing system at the time was not featured enough and was not easily scalable in the direction we were headed.  We also had a separate accounting system to our estimating and invoice system and that created its own set of problems we needed to solve.  We knew we needed a solution that brought it all together in one customizable package tailored more to us.  Additionally, we needed a solution that brought our departments together which our existing system would not do.  We had communication issues among teams and information was often missed or never recorded across departments.”

What were your main criteria for selecting new software?

Our biggest criteria was that it was made for our industry to some degree.  Second was a solution that was completely scalable.  We planned never to change software again and sought a solution that allowed customizations and other modules to bolt onto it if needed in addition to handling future volumes of transactions.  We needed a software with the ability to say “yes” to our requests rather than “no that is not available”. 

Why did you choose PrintVis?

We chose PrintVis because it bolted onto a system with a long history already.  Microsoft Business Central was developing its existing software at rapid speed to be a more user-friendly cloud based solution while being fully featured. PrintVis allowed for granular price quoting where our manufacturing costs were more accurately captured.  This in turn allows other project managers and CRMs to take to the software and begin quoting clients accurately without relying on the “feeling” of the price being right or wrong that is so common in smaller companies in our industry.  This in turn speaks to the scalability we were seeking.

PrintVis made it possible for Landmark Grafix to bring their departments closer together with better communication on projects.  John Sharp elaborates: “It has allowed for faster more accurate quoting and thus quicker conversion of client projects.  It has allowed a higher volume of transactions with a similarly sized team.  It has allowed us to better understand our costs of each project and allowed us to focus on consistent profitability.  It is a system where all our teams can have insight and work on projects together all in one synchronized system where we can be confident in the data being shared.”

The key strengths of PrintVis in regard to wide/large format production is the increase of accuracy in quoting projects and understanding costs better than have had previously. John Sharp explains:
The way it quotes is the way our industry consumes time and materials which means it gives us data we can rely on to make informed quoting decisions.  It gives us a faster way to quote jobs that may otherwise be complicated or take additional time to quote in other systems.  It also gives our teams a more methodical way to produce the jobs from start to finish which has reduced our error rate and cost of redos.

To learn more about Landmark Grafix, please visit landmarkgrafix.com

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