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The Case Management aspect of the system is designed to be the daily home base of administration for all employees involved with orders. It grants a full view of Cases with detailed information on deadlines, delivery dates, customer information, job history, etc. Think of each case as a repository for all the information on each individual order, from quote to invoice. With Case Management you control and follow the flow of jobs throughout your company, with a full overview of outstanding quotes, confirmed orders and jobs in progress.

PrintVis is built to ensure that every job, at any time, has someone designated as being the “current responsible.” At different stages of a Case it is assigned to different Users on your team – from the Estimator to the Salesperson to the Production Coordinator to the Shop Floor Worker. You will never lose a job and complete data for every order is at your fingertips, resulting in true and complete print management.

Print Job Production Flow

When you use Case Management in PrintVis, the Case list will usually be the basic window for the individual employee. All the daily jobs, depending on their status, will appear from the relevant employees’ Case lists.

The individual employee may work with all his/her cases in the Case list, exactly as if the cases were piled on the desk. A Case does not disappear from the list before you have solved it and sent it on in the Case flow. This is a critical component of a print company’s success – to ensure the print job production flow is organized and job information is immediately accessible to each responsible party.

Save Time and Money with Print Workflow Automation

The degree to which you establish true print workflow automation will of course depend on the size and complexity of your operation. Case Management in PrintVis gives you a head start with the use of Status Codes – established during the system setup and tailored to the way you run production, from an initial quote request all the way through to live order, shipping and invoicing. With the completion of each task in the workflow, a change in Status Code will move the job down the line until it is finished.

But PrintVis provides much more. With our integration to JDF (Job Definition Format) and pre-press systems such as Agfa Apogee X you can establish true print workflow automation – it’s simply a matter of how far you wish to take it. We frequently see pre-press departments that have repeat orders elect to automate only the pre-production aspects of a job, and have these common tasks completed during the evenings when the staff has gone home! Simple automation can go a long way to reducing your variable overhead costs and free your skilled team members to work on less routine tasks.

“PrintVis is special because it can be adapted to any manufacturing process.  The program does not care whether you are producing offset, digital, wide format, or apparel.  In addition, the program allows complete flexibility in the bindery and fulfillment arena.”

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MIS Process Flow

PrintVis is a management information system built with print-specific functionality on the base of Microsoft’s proven ERP – Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV). These days it’s nearly unthinkable to run a successful print company without the right tools to manage your MIS process flow.

To purchase and install an MIS system can be a daunting task. Over that past 20 years, PrintVis and our worldwide network of Partners have streamlined the process as much as possible with our RapidStart implementation model, which works with the commonalities of print businesses to lay a basic, sturdy foundation before fine tuning to the needs of your specific company process flow.

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