PrintVis includes Complete Financial Management Software

Powerful financial management software from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, combined with the PrintVis solution for the graphical arts industry lets you:

  • manage your bank accounts
  • create accounting periods
  • automate frequently occurring tasks, such as check writing and bank statement reconciliation.
  • create work items that tie to your other systems for detailed reports
  • gain insight into the profitability and efficiency of Shop Floor operations


Tailor the software to your specific needs. Add fields, tables, and user-specific menus in a few minutes. Set up business rules – for example, payment terms and discounts for individual customers and vendors. After all, print companies need smart financial management too.

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Reporting Software for the Print Industry

Look further than account balances: drill down to details quickly and easily and filter out irrelevant information. Use General Ledger data to help drive your business with a range of predefined reports, or your own customized company-specific reports. Business analytics enable you to gain insight into discounts, payment terms and more. You can easily create reports to review the financial health of your company and inform sound business planning.

Add fields, tables, and user-specific menus in a few minutes. Set up business rules – for example, payment terms and discounts for individual customers and vendors.

Handle the full range of legal requirements and currency issues inherent in international trade, including Euro business.

Analyze by a variety of criteria, such as profit, cost centers, departments, regions, product lines, or any other reporting unit. Use a range of predefined reports or your own customized company-specific reports. Present report results on the Web or distribute by email, so managers and employees, network partners, and investors can stay informed about your company’s activities.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics PrintVis is a complete, print-centric solution, including robust reporting software for the print industry.

“The insight into the business processes such as financial status, calculation of print orders and planning has improved significantly with PrintVis. These great insights earn us direct time and money – and we have not even mentioned the benefits we anticipate with our future plans.”

Frans Selles, Zalsman BV

Finance Management for Print Companies

A business solution from PrintVis and Microsoft includes simple to use yet powerful financial management and reporting tools to help you look forward, using your data to determine the impact changes will have on your business. From evaluating relatively simple variables like cutting costs or increasing capacity, to looking at more complex strategies like acquisitions, entering new markets or diversifying your product line, Microsoft Dynamics lets you run what-if scenarios and get a confident look at how your total cost structure and bottom line will be affected.

  • The invoicing of jobs is fully integrated into the estimating, the consumption and the job costing. Based on this information you can build the invoice with only one click.

    Invoices can be built straight from the quoted price, the final price for the order, the actual consumption, any billable overtime, additional quantities, etc.

    It’s even possible to decide different building methods for each product line. This flexibility ensures that the system can meet all demands on invoicing. Once your PrintVis invoice printing software is set up, you will easily generate complex, highly-detailed invoices.

  • Say your shop is running an HP Indigo or other digital press that quickly produces many small, repeat jobs — you don’t want to waste time and money by manually invoicing each one.

    Instead, you can use Automated Invoice Creation to generate invoices for designated types of jobs. Triggered by a change in a specified Status Code in your PrintVis setup, invoices can be generated automatically by the system, so you don’t need to open each Case and walk through each step. This way you can reserve the manual invoicing for more complex jobs.

  • In Microsoft Dynamics, a dimension represents a specific category of your business, and each dimension can contain subcategories known as Dimension Values (think “Apples” as one Dimension, and Gala, Fuji and Golden Delicious as Dimension Values).

    You rely on your accounting department to keep you apprised of where you are making or losing money. Parsing informative data from your invoices using dimensions is a great way to determine – and manage – the fiscal health of your company.

    PrintVis leverages this standard Dynamics dimensions functionality to give you deep scrutiny into your job costs, by letting you determine how your invoices should be split, in the method of your choosing. A total invoiced price can be broken down by department, cost center, materials and other narrow criteria, so you can see exactly where your money is going.

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