We encourage all our partners to become certified in PrintVis!

PrintVis provides a rigorous online certification program for all of our Partners. It includes a series of in-depth lessons and subsequent tests, developed and written by our own experienced Consultants, who know what is needed to successfully and repeatably implement PrintVis for end-customers.

Once certified, our partners are able to demonstrate the level of competence in the PrintVis solution that will establish credibility and earn the confidence of our clients in the print world.

This week we are happy to hear from René Mølsted, Solutions Engineer for Kodak Print, with whom we’ve been so proud to work in partnership since December 2020. René has successfully completed his PrintVis certification and has some thoughts to share.

Thoughts on PrintVis Certification

Was it difficult? What do you perceive as the value of being certified?

It was quite difficult, but definitely worth the effort. Being certified gives you more credibility towards customers but also boosts confidence.

Do you think the format lends itself to retaining the information?

I very much like the format as, for me, hands-on training makes the wealth of information being taught stick more. As you dive in to complete the questions you almost feel like an explorer as in most cases, there are multiple ways to complete the task, and it almost feels like the correct answer to the questions is more the journey itself rather than your written answer – that very much appeals to me.

The training was performed virtual due to COVID-19 restriction but the PrintVis team, spanning multiple time zones, did a phenomenal job pulling the training off.

Additionally, any insights on Kodak’s methodology that you’d like to share (without giving away any trade secrets of course). 

The certification has not only been about gaining new knowledge but also to revise and optimize internal instructions and procedures.

Is your team working entirely from satellite offices? Locations? Geographic area of strength? 

Given the current situation we are currently all working remote and working out of different continents, part of the team is based out of North America and others out of Europe, – I am working out of Denmark (an hour from PrintVis HQ 😃)

What would you like a prospective customer to know about Kodak? 

We truly want to fully understand the customer’s needs and their working processes to offer them the right solution. Kodak has a lot of experience with the print industry as we are developing Prinergy (production workflow software) and InSite (portal gateway to Prinergy) that ties very well with PrintVis using the JDF/JMF communication protocols and with that we can offer clients end-to-end solution – all the way from quote to the plate that goes on press. Obviously given our strong background in the print industry we understand the manufacturing processes in the print industry that needs to be “described” with PrintVis, so tying estimation and planning with production workflow software is definitely a huge benefit for the clients.

And then, perhaps some personal history, how did your career path lead you to software consultancy?

My career in the graphics industry started a while back as a graphics artist but quickly found out my passion was with automation and programming which led me into generating catalogues automated using InDesign server and leveraging workflow automation using Rules Based Automation in Prinergy. After joining Kodak my role was to help customers maximize the Kodak platform(s) through automation and optimization, which lead me to become a part of the Kodak Business Solutions team which offers Microsoft Business Central and PrintVis and I am very exciting to be a part this team and help customers grow their business.

Many thanks, René, for sharing your thoughts, and congratulations on your achievement!

Be sure to check out Kodak’s website for tons of information on their unique approach to print software solutions, including of course the powerful, cloud-based platform Prinergy on Demand – to help you on your buyer’s journey toward a comprehensive print management solution to run every aspect of your business.