The print industry has seen a spate of mergers and acquisitions, especially over the last decade, with many larger companies absorbing small-but-innovative digital startups and adding them to their portfolio of services, expanding both their geographical reach and their product lines.
If you have a growing business organization that includes multiple partner companies under one large business entity, you may have encountered challenges in sharing important data across multiple databases.

PrintVis now offers synchronizing automation for data across multiple company databases, or among companies inside one database. Automating the replication of data greatly reduces the effort of data maintenance.

A “master” company can be created where all data is maintained, and the tables are synchronized to all subsidiary companies. This allows for duplicate machine setups, payments terms, taxation settings and more, largely reducing setup times and allowing the different sales teams to operate from the single, master database.

Synchronized data for multiple Cost Centers can include:

• Technical specifications
• Hourly rates
• Operations
• Formulas
• Speed tables
• Scrap tables

With this new, standard functionality, PrintVis lets you collaborate across your business entities, exchanging orders and their statuses, share inter-company postings and view financial and operational data.

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