Are you still utilizing on-prem MIS/ERP software? Consider the consequences of clinging to an outdated solution within the commercial print industry.

Numerous organizations persist with old, practically antiquated ERP software. Some employ the latest version of a solution lacking innovation, while others remain stuck with an older version of a once innovative and modern system, awaiting an upgrade. Although there may be numerous reasons why switching to a more contemporary system or version isn’t currently convenient, it’s crucial to comprehend the business impact of persisting with an outdated solution. It’s akin to driving a vintage car on a modern highway while your competitors speed past you. How much longer can your print business afford to stay in this position?

Risky Business?

Working with an outdated ERP system can entails multiple risks, particularly within the commercial print industry.  Let’s consider five of them:

  1. Missed Innovation: ERP vendors allocate their research and development budgets towards their modern, cloud-based ERP solutions. By adhering to an outdated solution, you miss out on new innovations, such as Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Copilot, which utilizes ChatGPT technology. Consequently, your competitive edge may dwindle.
  2. Increased Total Cost of Ownership: Continuing with your on-premises solution will likely result in higher Total Cost of Ownership over time. This is due to ongoing investments required to maintain your current IT infrastructure and the potential escalation in software support costs.
  3. Decreased Security: Hackers are constantly advancing their techniques, focusing on exploiting vulnerabilities in older versions that may have limited or no support. Persisting with an outdated system raises the risk of cyber-attacks, compromising the security of your print business.
  4. Knowledge Availability: Implementation partners heavily invest in training their employees, primarily focusing on the new(er) versions. By sticking with an outdated solution, you face a diminishing availability of knowledgeable consultants as older experts retire, potentially hindering your print business operations.
  5. Dissatisfaction among Employees and Customers: Outdated solutions are generally unpopular, as people are familiar with the benefits of modern user interfaces, particularly from their smartphones. The same holds true for outdated business processes. Continuously relying on an old solution increases the likelihood of having dissatisfied employees – and customers.

Don’t Let Your Foundation Crumble

MIS/ERP systems act as the foundation of your information infrastructure. The quality of your solution, business processes, and data significantly impact your print business performance and financial results. These compelling reasons emphasize the importance of not falling behind with an older system. Additionally, you should consider that migrating to a modern solution can take your organization at least 6 to 12 months. Therefore, once again, ask yourself: How much longer can your print business afford to continue operating with an outdated ERP solution?

Print MIS + Full ERP = A Complete Solution Your Business Won’t Outgrow

PrintVis is a comprehensive print management solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. By leveraging the functionality of this powerful ERP system, PrintVis offers a complete solution for all niches of the print industry, with robust functionality for estimation, production planning, inventory management, financials and much more.

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