The role of ERP systems is shifting. Traditionally, the emphasis has been on improving internal efficiency, with separate systems per department, business unit and/or subsidiary. While that may be practical for these entities, it didn’t really help to create an accurate overview, since it showed what happened in the recent past – not the near future.

In today’s fast changing market, print companies must use integrated business software to manage their entire business in a proactive way. So if your current ERP system still functions more like a rearview mirror than a periscope, maybe it’s time to see what else is available to power your print shop.

Any CEO, CFO or plant manager who is drawing information from sub-systems which are not wholly connected – and which only communicate partially with each other – must work twice as hard to gain the relevant information to properly steer the company. No doubt hundreds of businesses are struggling under this yoke of incomplete communication as I write this. For example, in the process of compiling vital management information, these companies end up performing many repetitive actions every month. As a result, they suffer from wasteful, redundant processing time and easily avoidable costs.

What You Can Know and When You Can Know It – Matters

Let’s take a typical project. For a healthy (profitable, efficient) project result, it is important to monitor costs tightly, so that the right people can intervene if they get out of step with the progress. This requires real-time data at all times. To discover actions that should have been taken after the fact is too late, and anyone forced to rely on outdated information for the well-being of the business is basically monitoring a rearview mirror all day. In this paradigm, both opportunities and problems tend to come to light too late.

Fortunately, there is one modern, innovative and well-integrated MIS/ERP system available today that is tailored to the print industry, is affordable, highly flexible, and built on a solid, trusted platform for over 20 years.

PrintVis is the print management information system powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It gives you complete, day-to-day management of your print business in a single solution, giving you full visibility into end-to-end operations on a platform that can expand as your needs do.

Are you currently automated based on island solutions, aka silos? Then the choice of such a modern solution means replacing your rearview mirror with a periscope. PrintVis is system that can look backward and forward as desired – and provide true insight on the current position of your company at any time. This improved view is sure to help your business move forward!

Start a Free Trial on a Mature, Proven Print MIS/ERP Solution

Now might be the perfect opportunity to do what you’ve been putting off for various reasons: Evaluate the print MIS/ERP software you know would improve and optimize your company. PrintVis has made it easy for you by providing a free trial of our cloud-licensed platform.

We encourage you to take a test drive – enjoy the look and feel of the attractive Business Central interface, use some of our handy how-to guides on creating a quote, changing user roles and more. We’ll be happy to connect you with one of our certified Partners to answer your questions. So why not go to Microsoft AppSource and give PrintVis a try?

Want to learn more about what to look for in an MIS/ERP software? There are crucial differences when it comes to the needs of the print industry.  Go here to download a free PDF quick guide.

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