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In this post we would like to directly address potential PrintVis Partners – the thousands of you out there in the Microsoft Dynamics Partner channel. We want to speak with you about joining the our worldwide Partner Program and placing yourself on a winning team to sell and implement our robust, mature, flexible and proven solution to a very strong industry vertical with thousands of prospective customers worldwide.

That vertical is the worldwide print industry. Print is everywhere, dynamic, evolving and yes, growing.

We can talk about the benefits of pursuing the print industry vertical until we’re cyan in the face! The print industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in the world, worth nearly 900 billion dollars and driving another 3.8 trillion in related services.

Of all the manufacturing industries, the print industry also has the largest number of individual companies. It’s an industry dominated by small to medium sized businesses, with 7 out of 10 print shops employing fewer than 10 people.

When competition is fierce, a certified Microsoft consultancy/reseller company can truly elevate and distinguish itself by pursuing an industry vertical. Print is arguably the best example of a discrete manufacturing industry that shines – not only for its longevity but also its impressive ability to grow and adapt with the changes thrown at it by technological advances.

“The global printing industry is forecast to reach $821 billion by 2022, driven by growth in packaging and labels, rather than graphic applications, and digital rather than analogue printing, according to a new market report by Smithers.”

We Chose Print, and You Should Too

PrintVis has more than 20 years of singular focus: building our solution for the print industry vertical on the trusted generic platform of Microsoft Dynamics.

Let’s quickly restate the basics.

What is PrintVis?

PrintVis was founded as NovaVision Software in Denmark in 1997. PrintVis is ERP/MIS software created specifically for the printing industry. Built directly on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (which originated as Navision, which Microsoft acquired in 2002), PrintVis is a certified vertical solution for all tasks and processes a print company requires on a daily basis, no matter the size or type of the company. We offer a flexible, end-to-end business solution from Microsoft to the printing industry. PrintVis is the name of the company as well as the software solution.

PrintVis is marketed, sold and implemented globally by our network of highly skilled and dedicated partners in a proven, established partner program. This enables new partners to win deals in a highly-specialized vertical, and allows our clients to go live with a fully-deployed system in a fraction of the time required by less comprehensive products.

Our Methodology:

  • To build and continuously improve our product on a globally-proven ERP platform, adding our deep knowledge of the graphics industry
  • Create and maintain a standard system for the print world
  • Establish and nurture a global network of dedicated, well-trained partners who represent us at the local level

Pursue Print: There’s Never Been a Better Time

Remember Microsoft’s “Road to Repeatability” (R2R)? Ramping up since 2015, it’s now the most popular highway in the world of ERP. PrintVis and our partners understand that it’s more effective to keep the software predictable, controlled, and repeatable. This is why we emphasize the importance of maintaining a standard system. Partners who adopt our proven methodology will find themselves enjoying shorter sales cycles, repeatable implementation plans and recurring revenue streams.

“NAB Solutions has embraced Business Central cloud because our customers really want to be in the cloud. It’s good for them, it’s good for us. And since the demand is increasing so much we have to figure out ways to deliver more, faster; we have to be repeatable and reuse the way we implement customers. And that’s why PrintVis fits so great in our offering. It’s a vertical solution where most of the functionality our customers in the graphical industry need comes out of the box. It makes it possible for us to have more customers, faster.” – Johan Adenmark, CEO NAB Solutions

What Other Partners Are Saying

“Sincere congratulations for these 20 years of innovation, expertise, care and huge amounts of good mood. Let’s hope for another 20!  We’ve been dealing with PrintVis for 10 years and during this period we saw this great product evolve at an outstanding pace, but the true distinctive character about NovaVision is its people, the way they look at Partners and especially our common customers.” – Paulo Viera, Arquiconsult, Portugal

“Congratulations to PrintVis for 20 years of successful business! We are happy to be a Partner of PrintVis for 10 years now, gaining and implementing projects in the German printing market, with the highly-integrated PrintVis solution. Let us have many more successful years in the partnership of CTM and PrintVis. All the best for the team of PrintVis!” – Helmut Elsner, CTM Systemhaus, Germany

“We recently had a PrintVis client speak about their delight with their solution after implementing it nearly 9 years ago. If that isn’t a testament to the success and longevity of this product – I don’t know what is! Congratulations on this big milestone and here’s to many more!” – Gavin Tye, KPMG CrimsonWing, United Kingdom

“I have been very impressed with the PrintVis solution and with the PrintVis approach to opportunity engagement.” – Brett Garret, Development Executive, Eclipse Computing (Australia) Pty Ltd.

“Thank you for a great solution, and brilliant support.” – Avril Howes, Braintree by Vox, South Africa

In Summary

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a proven ERP system used by thousands of companies around the world. Microsoft relies on Partners to build vertical-specific solutions on top of their core ERP system, and PrintVis has added our print-specific layer to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution. This strategy allows us to focus on what makes print unique and let the core ERP functionality be handled by Microsoft, based on feedback from a huge customer base and a large partner community.

Meet us at Directions!

Are you ready to join a winning team and pursue the print industry vertical? A massive industry with so many sizes and types of companies that the sky really is the limit? Wouldn’t it be nice to proudly stand behind a solution your customers will never outgrow?

Meet us at Directions EMEA this November 9 – 11 in Hamburg. Go here and grow there!