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Achieve profitable and sustainable growth with the ultimate ERP software solution for the print industry. Gain access to a substantial and less competitive market with an industry specific software solution – powered by Microsoft. Reach numerous potential customers within the packaging, label and print industry.

PrintVis is a Print Management Information System, commonly known as Print MIS. It is a software solution specifically developed for the print industry, that keeps track of all print processes, as well as warehousing, invoicing and reporting. PrintVis gives complete overview of all the production details through the life of a job, from estimate to delivery, and handles paper, presses, substrates, inks, coatings, adhesives, gripper margins, grain direction, customer proofs, delivery dates, web to print and computer to plate.

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NAB has chosen to embrace Business Central Cloud, because our customers wants cloud solutions, and it is great for our business. To manage the demand we have to work smart and repetitive. We need to reuse as much as possible. One way to do that is using Printvis that has most of the functionality a customer in the graphical industry needs, out of the box. NAB can deliver more and faster, which is good for both the customers and NAB.

Johan Adenmark, CEO - NAB Solutions, Sweden

Lessons learned from a PrintVis Partner

Wye Print is now 20 months into our PrintVis endeavor. We created a company that solely focuses on print and hired both ERP/BC and print industry experts to round out our capabilities. This has been quite a journey as we started right at the front end of the pandemic, but I can confidently state we are all in and have hit a stride.

There is little doubt that focusing on a single vertical enables us to gain traction exponentially and this creates a level of confidence in our prospects and customers because we speak their specific language and understand their specific business challenges. Everything we do is focused – marketing is now generating 20-50 leads a week, we have a suite of demo videos that encompass most types of printers and our learning videos are churned out at warp speed. Our only challenge is closing deals and that is simply a factor of our resource capabilities and has just recently been addressed. I expect exponential growth in the coming months.

Best advice to other partners:

  • Hire industry specific seasoned resources
  • Focused on the customer experience 
  • Invest heavily in marketing 


Amy Homan
Managing Director, Wye Print

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