Newspaper printing houses have production requirements that distinguish them from commercial web-offset printing, because of the large number of pages and multiple components (stitched inserts and different substrates, for example) in the finished product. Most will use several connected units for printing different colors of ink, and many include in-line cutting, collating and folding until the finished product emerges, ready for distribution.

Mixed Configuration has been an option in earlier versions of PrintVis, but it has now been worked properly into a many-to-one form for multi-web presses – to combine both print and post-press into a single Cost Center. The setup is somewhat complex, but an established newspaper printer will find this functionality very attractive.

New additions to our existing functionality include:

  • Synchronization of webs in a component
  • Process alignment in scrap calculation (no system setup required)
  • Mixed configuration on a Cost Center; post-press basic configurations can now be on a Job Item level
  • Expanded Component button with web-width item picking