In Lieu of DRUPA…

With DRUPA postponed until April 2021, we thought we’d share what we’d be doing if we were in Düsseldorf right now, which would be giving introductory demos of the latest in PrintVis to the thousands of passers-by at the world’s largest print industry trade show. Our latest release, PV16 was officially launched last week, right on time for DRUPA! Alas, DRUPA wasn’t there to share in the festivities. Not to worry – we had a nice series of webinars this week, presented exclusively to PrintVis end customers around the world, where we highlighted some of the newest features of PrintVis and how we continue to develop our world-proven print MIS on the equally established and formidable base of Microsoft Dynamics – once NAV, now Business Central.

Let’s look at a great new feature – exclusively from PrintVis – that presents an intuitive graphical interface for your production department to lay out the workweek. This is why you value your production manager and (hopefully) pay him/her the big bucks – to run a tight ship. Your production manager is arguably the person who should have “The Buck Stops Here” on their desk. Your sales people bring in the work, your press operators get the work done; your production manager coordinates it all. The PrintVis Planning board works very much like a traditional Gantt board, so there’s a good chance you’ll find it quite easy to use right out of the box. And since it’s built right into the PrintVis/Dynamics 365 Business Central platform, it’s another great tool that removes the need for 3rd-party add-ons and potential integration headaches. Let’s take a look.

Want to try it for yourself, and see more of what PrintVis can do for your shop? Book a demo today!