PrintVis Planning Board Enhancements

Far better than Post It Notes…

With growing flexibility and user-friendly enhancements, the PrintVis Planning Board is a feature we are dedicated to expanding with every new version of PrintVis, and it becomes more sophisticated with each release.

Similar in concept and function to a traditional Gantt chart, the PV Planning Board provides a graphical interface for plotting and adjusting a production schedule, with helpful color codes and groupings for your printing presses and other Cost Centers.

The PV Planning Board works directly within PrintVis, fully utilizing the robust scheduling features of the system, but within a graphical view that is easily adjusted to account for the fluctuations of the work week.

Newly added color schemes show specific colors (setup by the user) with relation to the Type that is selected. General, Customer Group, Customer No., Order Type, Product Group, and Status Code are the current options.

“Curtains” have been added to allow the user to have a clearer picture of the available times that an operation can be moved, based on the start date of the job and the requested delivery date. Darkened areas indicate where planning is restricted:

Filter on Job Capacities

You can use the filter on the Planning Board to show only the capacities used on a single job.

Right-click on the planning unit and choose the Filter Capacities. The planning board will then be filtered accordingly. The filter can be removed with the Undo Capacity Filter button.

These are just a few of the latest PV Planning Board features, to help your company optimize its scheduling and streamline operations.

Newest Planning Board Features Include:

  • New color schemes
  • Filter capacities
  • World view
  • Simulation
  • “Squeezing” plans together
  • Adjust bottleneck action
  • Hover for details
  • “Curtains”, black, horizontal, vertical
  • Control/click, filter on resources
  • Call opening profile from resource
  • Color based on order type, status code, etc.
  • Show date line
  • Split job and remerge back to one
  • Warning/Late calculated from work date


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