PrintVis now provides better support for optimal machine and substrate selection when creating an estimate.

When a lookup is done into the List of Units from the Job Item, during the brief time it takes to open the page, each List of Units is calculated through by the system. Once the machine list is populated, the sorting is such that the machines are displayed and ordered according to the calculated price for the process and the sum of prerequisites mentioned, with the least expensive machine options at the top of the list.


  • Paper/substrates are now included in the temporary calculation of the best combination of paper and machine in the estimate (please note we do not include consumables such as ink in this temporary calculation).
  • We’ve optimized choices for auto paper: now you can use the setting “Only stock paper” and/or “Only paper on stock.”
  • It is possible to have a different setup for different Product Groups.
  • You have the option of auto-calculating per sheet or having PrintVis perform auto-calculation for all sheets at once.


When all information about quantity, # of pages with print, number of colors front & back, the Job Item format, paper weight and quality is entered, the system will filter the List of Units to show only Cost Centers meeting the desired criteria.

Give Your Print Estimator the Tools They Need to Win the Job

It’s late in the afternoon and your print estimator has spent the entire day on a complex quote request, estimating prices for multiple quantities and job options. But it’s too late– because the design agency has already accepted your competitor’s bid – which they got hours ago.

Does your print shop suffer from an estimation bottleneck? Do you need a solution that truly puts an end to this and other pain points that keep you at a constant disadvantage? Do you think you can’t afford ERP? Think again.

Finally there is world-class software made precisely for your print business.

PrintVis is a cost-effective and flexible modular solution that is exceptionally scalable, so it can grow as your business grows. PrintVis offers multiple user types and deployment options to suit your business and your budget.

Print Estimating Software to Suit Your Needs

  • Save Valuable Time:
    The flexible setup makes it easy for the users to estimate jobs, using the various building-blocks, including templates customized to your specific needs. Quote requests that require multiple options are easily made with a few clicks.
  • Use of Templates:
    When you quote, you can choose to use a standard template which contains all the necessary price items for an estimation. Using a standard template in your quoting allows you to make estimations very quickly and automatically, and with consistency – and nothing will be forgotten.
  • Reduce Errors and save Money:
    Quoting errors can be damaging to your company’s bottom line. PrintVis reduces errors by asking all the right questions and leading an estimator through all the relevant factors that go into pricing a job correctly.
  • Be competitive – Get the orders:
    PrintVis estimation gives you all the key figures you need – a complete overview of the economic aspects of a job, such as direct cost, total cost, overhead, mark-up and ultimate sales price.

A Complete Print MIS/ERP Solution Developed for Your Industry

PrintVis is based on and powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and is the industry-specific software solution for the commercial print, packaging and label industry. PrintVis gives you full control of production planning, inventory management, invoicing and full accounting, built around best-in-class estimating functionality for quick and accurate quotes.

Start a Free Trial Today

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