Let’s continue to look at some of the nice new features we presented to customers last week in lieu of DRUPA…

With DRUPA postponed until April 2021, we thought we’d share what we’d be doing if we were in Düsseldorf right now, which would be giving introductory demos of the latest in PrintVis to the thousands of passers-by at the world’s largest print industry trade show. Our latest release, PV16 was officially launched last week, right on time for DRUPA! Alas, DRUPA wasn’t there to share in the festivities. Not to worry – we presented a nice series of webinars to PrintVis end customers around the world, where we highlighted some of the newest features of PrintVis and how we continue to develop our world-proven print MIS on the equally established and formidable base of Microsoft Dynamics – once NAV, now Business Central.

With PV16 we’ve continued to work on our Multi-Company Functionality, which if you recall was included with some of the other highlights of last November’s release. Never known for resting on their laurels, our developers and consultants have continued to fine tune this part of the PrintVis system for optimal use by print companies that manage multiple manufacturing facilities.

The print industry has seen a spate of mergers and acquisitions, especially over the past two decades, with many larger companies absorbing small-but-innovative digital startups and adding them to their portfolio of services, expanding both their geographical reach and their product lines.

If you have a growing business organization that includes multiple partner companies under one large business entity, you may have encountered challenges in sharing important data across multiple databases.

PrintVis offers synchronizing automation for data across multiple company databases, or among companies inside one database. Automating the replication of data greatly reduces the effort of data maintenance.

A “master” company can be created where all data is maintained, and the tables are synchronized to all subsidiary companies. This allows for duplicate machine setups, payments terms, taxation settings and more, largely reducing setup times and allowing the different sales teams to operate from the single, master database.

Here’s a look at the latest in Multi-Company functionality from PrintVis, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:


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