Finding the Complete Solution for Your Print Business

When you choose PrintVis to run your graphics business, you are also going with the biggest, most well-known and trusted producer of software in the world: Microsoft. As a long-time Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner, PrintVis can give you confidence in your own future, offering a framework that is flexible enough to meet your changing needs, but also a sturdy, standard foundation that you will never outgrow.

Selecting the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is a strategic business decision. This solution will be the operational backbone of your business, and choosing wisely will give you the tools you need to manage long-term stability and profitable growth. Selecting an underpowered, inflexible, or difficult-to-use solution can drag down performance and divert time, money, and management focus from the business of your business. So it’s vital for you to avoid cutting corners or skipping steps in the selection process. PrintVis is the one complete, standard solution for the print industry. You will find that all other “solutions” are incomplete.

PrintVis goes beyond traditional ERP—A mature, proven print-specific MIS embedded in a world-class ERP from Microsoft, including business intelligence, collaboration, and communication capabilities, and a consistent user experience.

Offers deployment flexibility and choice—With a business solution from PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics you have the flexibility to choose between on-premises deployment, a variety of cloud deployment offerings delivered through the Microsoft Dynamics partner channel, or a blend of both. Our commitment to supporting ERP on your terms enables you to choose the deployment strategy that’s right for your business today, and then move between those options as the future unfolds.

Features strong customer-vendor relationships—Plenty of vendors offer solutions that look good today. These competitively priced products seem to fit your current needs and look like they could help you run your current business smoothly. But will that still be true two years from now? Or five? Your business will likely have changed by then. And who can predict economic conditions, competitive developments, or legislative changes with certainty? What new technologies will emerge to make today’s state-of-the-art tools and capabilities feel old-school?

Post-sale service is a key ingredient in a smooth ERP implementation and ongoing operation. It’s also an important requirement to help you get full value from your investment. Your needs will change over time, the result of growth, new requirements from customers and suppliers, and changing tax rules. Your customer base will evolve—and the list goes on. And because your ERP solution is at the heart of your business, it’s important to choose a vendor that not only meets your needs right now but, equally important, delivers quality, affordable service and support after the sale.

Integrates easily with other line-of-business (LOB) applications—Today’s powerful ERP and other LOB applications, such as customer relationship management, collaboration, and analytical tools, hold great potential for helping you get more control of operations, streamline business processes and workflows, boost productivity, and gain deeper insight into your business. Powerful, flexible business solution capabilities can be integrated with other Microsoft products and services, and a wide range of third-party applications that run on the Microsoft technology platform.

Delivers ease of use—A good business management solution will be easy for your people to understand and use. An intuitive user experience will eliminate extensive training time and costs—and accelerate adoption. Your people get up to speed faster, and their productivity and efficiency accelerate your return on investment.

Provides cost predictability—The right business management solution will help you manage or avoid fixed or unpredictable IT-related costs for deployment, operation, scaling, maintenance, and upgrading. A carefully chosen business management solution provides you options for achieving cost predictability through flexible licensing arrangements and stable, use-based subscription rates. If you negotiate carefully, you can ensure that upgrades, software fixes, service packs, and updates will be included in your subscription, giving you even greater cost predictability.

PrintVis with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a wide range of licensing options and implementation strategies which allow for a heretofore unheard of entry point to potential full ERP.

Enables forward-looking insight—Your business information is far more than a static archive. A business solution from PrintVis and Microsoft helps you transform it—mine it, repurpose it, and extract insights from it that help you take your business forward with confidence. How? For starters, it allows you to integrate all the parts of your business into a unified whole; you achieve overall visibility into your business operations for greater control.

Delivers ongoing innovation—For over 20 years, PrintVis has continually improved our print-specific MIS in the Microsoft Dynamics environment. Microsoft is a stable organization with a demonstrated history of innovation and a solid reputation for service after the sale. Our global network of locally based PrintVis Partners are available to help you take the risk out of deployment, integration with other business applications you use, upgrading, and extending our solution. Flexible on-premises or subscription-based licensing options let you decide how best to purchase and deploy your software.

Drives and supports growth—When you’ve outgrown your entry-level accounting software (for example), a new ERP solution will shape the future of your business in important ways. An agile solution you can modify quickly and cost-effectively when your business needs change, and one that draws on new technologies as they emerge, will help you stay in control, work more productively, and gain insights that drive smart decisions.

Reduces risk—PrintVis and Business Central go beyond stand-alone accounting or ERP software to create an integrated, end-to-end view of your entire print business. This helps you reduce business risk by proactively managing all of your business processes, including estimation, production, purchasing, warehousing, distribution, marketing, and sales. In addition, a unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools are embedded throughout our business management solution, providing an intuitive and familiar user experience that increases user adoption and inspires productivity.

SMBs around the world have long counted on Microsoft Dynamics to help them achieve profitable growth through greater operational control, improved employee productivity, and deeper insight. The core system upon which PrintVis’ print-specific functionality is built – Microsoft Dynamics– is now used by over 110,000 businesses across the world.

A Free Trial on a Mature, Globally-Proven Print MIS/ERP Solution

Now might be the perfect opportunity to do what you’ve been putting off for various reasons: Research and evaluate the print MIS/ERP software you know would improve and optimize your company. PrintVis, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, has facilitated that for you by providing a free trial of our cloud-licensed platform.

We encourage you to “play” in the DIY fashion – get familiar with the look and feel of the attractive Business Central interface, use some of our handy how-to guides on creating a quote, changing user roles and more. From there we will be happy to connect you with one of our certified Partners to answer your questions. So why not go to Microsoft AppSource and give PrintVis a test drive? You’ll be glad you did!

Want to learn more about what to look for in an MIS/ERP software? There are crucial differences when it comes to the needs of the print industry.  Go here to download our free PDF quick guide.

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