Did you know you can “rent” your print MIS system as a monthly subscription and escape the traditional, up-front investment of perpetual licenses and hardware? You get all the print-specific functionality of PrintVis in the full ERP of Dynamics 365 Business Central, it’s just not rooted in your own server room anymore.


Here are 5 powerful things to consider:


  1. COST:  Most print companies fall into the small-to-medium (SMB) business category, and historically the startup costs of a full ERP system have presented their greatest barrier to adoption. By paying only a fixed monthly fee per user, print companies can curtail that large upfront investment, which in turn frees up assets to drive your business forward. With no need to invest in internal infrastructure, your up-front costs are hugely reduced. You also get fast and easy upgrades, saving even more money and avoiding problematic downtime.
  2. FLEXIBILITY:  With a subscription plan you have a remarkably flexible solution, where you can implement at your own pace, depending on the needs of your company.  Add users and training as needed until you’re running a full-blown ERP. Grow – or contract if need be – quickly and easily.
  3. SECURITY:  Automatically back up your data to the Microsoft cloud (read more about Azure here), set user permissions on an individual level, know that all your data is recoverable even if your hard drive crashes.  There are multiple security measures built around this setup, and all of Microsoft’s Azure technicians live and breathe for your action speed and the security of your data. Azure is a secure platform that encrypts important data and information.
  4. SUPPORT:  Most of the heavy lifting of system support is handled with your cloud solution. You know your business best – and you have to be in charge no matter what system you work with. We offer our experience and best practice suggestions to you so you can pick our brains when an issue comes up. It’s very easy to log your questions to our PrintVis Support Portal. There you can upload documents and describe to us what problem you are having. We’ll confirm your Case and respond with helpful instructions.
  5. MOBILITY:  Work from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. With an on-prem system, your data is essentially parked at your location and inaccessible to colleagues (such as your salespeople) working from the field, home or during a meeting. Real-time production data can be captured and accessed from any mobile device at any location, anytime.


Of course, these are just 5 aspects to consider. More and more new PrintVis customers are opting for the cloud. And with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it makes more sense than ever. Explore your best options today – Request a Demo!