Consultant Mathias Backvall has two highly auspicious feats to celebrate in this New Year. He’s recently signed on with the team at NAB Solutions to head up their implementation group for the PrintVis MIS/ERP solution, for graphics businesses throughout Sweden and Finland. He’s also just become officially certified in PrintVis – a commendable achievement all on its own.

Mathias first encountered PrintVis in 2007, when he had finished his master thesis at one of the many conventional printers in Sweden. There, he came in contact with some of the people from the Swedish partner who was implementing the system at that time, and through his expressed interest was hired on as a trainee.

Ever since then he has been implementing PrintVis in the region with his colleagues in various “constellations” (as he aptly calls them), at graphics businesses of all types: conventional offset printing, digital, newspaper, label, large format, packaging and more.

“Implementing PrintVis, helping customers with this and working with them personally is something I really enjoy. I became quite popular with many of them, and in 2015 I was awarded “customer champion” at my company. For that I was very proud.”

Apart from his expertise with the PrintVis software, Mathias cites his extensive knowledge of the graphics industry and its processes as a vital component of his success.  He says one of his most memorable and difficult implementations was at a company in eastern Finland near the Russian border, where the principal products were bibles and books on law.

While quite new to NAB Solutions, Mathias already has a clear vision of his next steps. “Firstly, NAB will focus on selling and implementing PrintVis Cloud. Right now I’m learning the structure and technology behind that. Hopefully, I will grow and evolve even more.”

On Becoming Certified in PrintVis

“I hope it will send a strong message to both customers and potential customers! Some sections of the certification process were difficult for sure, but thankfully I have a good deal of experience with PrintVis. It was time consuming and quite extensive, but I can tell you that anyone who gets certified will gain a lot of knowledge!”

On the State of the Print Industry in Sweden

“The changes I have seen in Sweden are mostly related to smaller conventional businesses getting swallowed by the bigger ones. The quantity of printing companies in Sweden has been reduced significantly over the last 10 years. If your printing business in Sweden is to survive, you’ll either need to produce necessity products (packaging, for example), or you’ll need to be very innovative! Of course, PrintVis can help in that process!”

Thank you, Mathias, congratulations and best of luck to you and your loyal PrintVis team at NAB Solutions!

Born and raised in Stockholm, Mathias currently resides east of Stockholm city with his wife and two children.

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