As Business Central migrates from the Windows Client to the Modern Client, many aspects of the page design needed to be reviewed and optimized. The Consultant team at PrintVis each reviewed their specialized areas to make the Modern Client pages functional and set up according to best practices.

We thoughtfully reviewed all aspects of the PrintVis pages and simplified the layouts where needed. One example is the Job Items page has been removed – and all the information within the page has migrated to a similar grid within the Specifications page.

The move from a ribbon-based menu to a standard menu also brought required changes. We reviewed all the menus within the PrintVis pages, pulling out the most used functions to the main menu and allowing users to select “More Options” to navigate to lesser-used functions. This is also still customizable per user, using the Modern Client Designer.

Each of the Modern Client PrintVis Role Centers were also optimized so users have easy access to the areas most used.

Additionally, the search terms for all PrintVis pages were updated to include “PrintVis” in their search results. This allows the user to easily recognize which pages are PrintVis functionality vs base Business Central pages.