Print Is Everywhere

Print IS everywhere. There’s your primary reason to pursue the print industry vertical as a Microsoft Partner. Everywhere you look, everywhere in the world, you see products from the print industry.

From billboards to business cards, packaging, labels, newspapers, magazines, labels, envelopes, signs, posters, currency, pharmaceutical inserts, vehicle wraps, print on textile, print on plastic– you name it, it’s been printed.

Because the products are expensive to ship (due to bulk and weight) and usually needed in short delivery horizons, printing companies are geographically widespread and manufacture a huge variety of items.

Of all the manufacturing industries, the printing industry has the largest number of companies.

In Europe alone there are 112,000 printing companies with more than 770,000 employees.

And, based on available information from different regions we estimate the number of printing companies worldwide to be approximately one million.

That’s one million potential customers, an impressive number by any measure. Now ask yourself a question. How many of those companies have heard of and/or are using Microsoft products? And how many need a print management software system to organize and run their business?

The likely answer is all of them.

Now consider, as a certified Microsoft Partner, you have the opportunity to provide them with the only Microsoft-certified solution dedicated to the print industry vertical. PrintVis!

PrintVis is a management information system for the print industry vertical, directly embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV, as you know), the world-renowned ERP system for mid-market businesses, which is where the vast majority of print companies fall.

PrintVis offers a complete, flexible, end-to-end business solution from Microsoft to the printing industry, fully-hosted in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

At its core PrintVis functions to meet the common daily tasks of any print business: Estimating, production planning, materials purchasing and inventory management, shop floor data collection and time registration, invoicing, bookkeeping and more.

A highly-adaptable and robust software system, PrintVis is standardized to meet the needs of any commercial offset, web or digital printer, as well as the many specialty segments that exist within the printing world, such as carton and packaging companies, label manufacturers, wide format, finishing houses, binderies and more.

Our emphasis on standardization dramatically reduces the burdens of IT staffing, compatibility and communication problems. It’s also aimed at standard, RapidStart implementations and quick, easy upgrades. As an implementation partner, you wouldn’t want to spend years on a single installation would you? You’ll have hundreds of other prospects to engage!

Consider these facts about the European printing sector

  • Employment – the EU printing sector includes about 120,000 companies that employ around 770,000 workers. The industry is dominated by family-owned, small and micro companies that operate mainly on domestic markets.
  • EU economy – printing enterprises generate an annual turnover of around EUR 88 billion from printing on paper, plastics, or textiles.
  • Demand – the sector reacts to niche markets and local needs. Modern technologies have increased the sector’s productivity and its ability to provide a complete range of services. At the same time, process automation has resulted in a change of the main workforce from craftsmen to technicians.

(source: European Comission)

Therefore: Meet us at Directions!

This October 27 – 29 Microsoft Partners will converge in Milan, Italy, for the annual Directions EMEA event.

We want to meet you there.

Are you ready to learn more about joining a winning team and pursue the print industry vertical? A massive market with so many sizes and types of companies that the sky really is the limit? Wouldn’t it be nice to proudly stand behind a mature, proven solution your customers will never outgrow?

PrintVis focuses on the unique needs of printers, and we let the core ERP functionality be handled by Microsoft – based on feedback from a huge customer base and the thousands-large partner community.

Since PrintVis started nearly 25 years ago, we have built a strong partner community around the world, serving hundreds of customers in all different countries.

Are you our next implementation partner?

Meet us at Directions EMEA this October 27-29 in Milan.

Go here now to book a private meeting with our CEO and Partner manager. 

You won’t regret it! We look forward to meeting you.

From our Partners:

“EG has been in this industry for 30 years, most of them selling our own software. Nowadays we are selling and implementing PrintVis in the Danish market. We chose to put down our own software and partner up with PrintVis. We are proud to be a member of the PrintVis family.” – Klaus Falkenvig, EG, Denmark

“I have been very impressed with the PrintVis solution and with the PrintVis approach to opportunity engagement.” – Brett Garret, Development Executive, Eclipse Computing (Australia) Pty Ltd.

“Congratulations on your anniversary!  Printvis is a smart and comprehensive solution for the printing industry. As a new partner, we’ve had a close collaboration and we appreciate the PrintVis Team for supporting our development.” – Remus Petre, Criteria, Romania

“Thank you for a great solution, and brilliant support.” – Avril Howes, Braintree by Vox, South Africa

“Dear PrintVis, here’s to 20 years of brilliant work and for more to come! Our customers appreciate the innovation and dedication you’ve put into the product. Cheers to the team at NovaVision and their partnership!” – Chew Kim Poh, DP Technology Pte Ltd, Singapore

From our Customers:

“The beauty of the system is that we have a universal solution with great functionality for our specific processes. The full integration with the financial system is especially great.” — Tom Acket, Director, Acket Drukkerij Kartonnage

Implemented by PrintVis Partner Rainbow CrossMedia in The Netherlands

“As a Microsoft-certified vertical, PrintVis gives us a serious product roadmap and the opportunity to meet not only the current needs – but also future ones, in a spirit of continuity and development.” – Eustachio Antezza, CEO of Antezza Tipografi

Implemented by PrintVis Partner Alterna SRL in Italy

“PrintVis is special because it can be adapted to any manufacturing process.  The program does not care whether you are producing offset, digital, wide format, or apparel.  In addition, the program allows complete flexibility in the bindery and fulfillment arena.” – U.S. Cloud Customer