Shop Floor functionality in PrintVis is primarily contained within our unique Shop Floor Role Center, built for ease of use by production workers who need to record time and document materials usage for each job. With each release we make improvements to the Shop Floor area, to improve communications between management and staff, and to accurately record crucial data for job costing and other necessary reporting (direct and indirect time, inventory, production speeds, etc.).

Once logged in, a Shop Floor worker can view his/her schedule for the day, and the full details for the week’s production plan in a “tile” or “list” view. The electronic job tickets monitor work items from planning to the production floor. Every time you create an item, all information is registered and saved in a database, where it remains easily accessible to you and your press room for easy communication and status updates. All information about a job is updated in real time, giving those involved the information they need, when they need it.

For jobs that require more than one worker at a time (for example, one is the press operator, the other a helper, stacking paper), multiple users can log in and register their time during the same process, at the same Cost Center. Additionally, if a process is split into multiple ‘units’ – for example, it could be a 10 hour job, split into 4 and 6 hours, or a large digital press sheet split to multiple presses – each of those units is now fully managed individually, and can start and stop independently.

Take a quick tour in the video below! With each successive release of PrintVis we’ll keep you apprised of the latest Shop Floor updates and improvements. It’s also worth mentioning that our Shop Floor user license – because only a narrow set of permissions is required for this type – is very affordably priced with a monthly subscription plan.

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