When it comes to a poorly performing but deeply-entrenched manager, most of us have heard of the concept of the ‘golden parachute.’ Poorly functioning MIS/ERP systems are usually tolerated – even for much longer – and similarly they can a lot of damage to a business. Makes no sense, right?

It’s time for new insights

Poorly performing managers need to be removed from organizations. We read about it almost daily in the papers. Buying off an employment contract can be costly, but we all understand that inaction leads to even higher costs, and that’s why we need to bite the financial bullet. The same goes for long-term leases on property. If the use is structurally declining, it’s often more sensible to buy off the contract.

Yet how differently we act when it comes to poorly functioning business software! Today’s modern print MIS/ERP solutions can be true enablers for growth and success – and can sometimes even make the difference between survival and bankruptcy. But here it is still typically just the CFO who determines when the time is right to start the research for replacement – and not one day earlier!

All around the world, organizations mount arguments to support replacing their MIS/ERP systems. You all know them. Vendor goes belly-up. Versions no longer supported. Rules and regulations no longer honored.

But still one of the first questions of the top management remains “Can’t we stretch it just one more year?” Meanwhile, your service level has declined, your employees get frustrated, dissatisfied customers are leaving the business and you have no control of your numbers.

So – go on the offensive! Investments in MIS/ERP systems should be made for proactive reasons – especially these days. If your current system is no longer adequate, give it a golden parachute! Say goodbye as soon as possible and implement an appropriate solution.

Did you know?

Did you know that PrintVis is the only print-specific MIS based on the powerful, versatile and proven Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform, to serve the entire print industry vertical? And it’s a complete solution, not a bunch of separate modules that require individual purchase and implementation.

Secure SQL Database

PrintVis and Business Central run from a secure SQL Server or Azure SQL Database, giving you the benefits of higher flexibility, better data consistency, minimum redundancy, optimized performance and ease of maintenance.

And that’s far from all…

PrintVis is more than just software. It’s a better way to run your business and a solution you won’t outgrow, on a proven platform from Microsoft that we can say with confidence will still be here 10+ years from now. How many other systems can honestly make that claim?

If you would like to try it out yourself, you can start a free trial or if you prefer to see a demo you can book a demo here.

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