With PrintVis 19 we proudly feature a new integration with the latest Kodak Prinergy Cloud portfolio service, Dynamic Print Planning.

Kodak Dynamic Print Planning enables you to automate your ganging and print planning in offset and digital printing. DPP suggests when and how print jobs are produced on which Cost Center. Its top priority is meeting required delivery dates, and its second priority is cost minimization over an entire pool of orders.

About Ganging

The process of “ganging” combines printed items with common attributes on a single substrate for simultaneous production. Ganging is often used by print companies to increase production efficiency. PrintVis has long provided ganging functionality for sheet optimization, where one or more job items from various individual orders can be merged into a new production order.

  • Combine press planning and job ganging in a single integrated step
  • Consider all due dates and machine capacities, makeready times and material costs
  • Browser-based access allows production plan to be shared across the company

Screenshots from PrintVis and DPP

Candidates for a ganged run; 3 jobs filtered for similar paper quality, weight, and ink colors



Combined Jobs become a single, internal order


Job Card for the ganged order, with the DPP-created imposition imported back to PrintVis

Visit Kodak to learn more about Dynamic Print Planning