Press release:

PrintVis, the Microsoft certified business management software solution for printing, label, and packaging companies of all sizes, is proud to announce its collaboration with Dynaway, a premier provider of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions. The result of this collaboration is the Dynaway EAM PrintVis integration, now available on Microsoft AppSource.


The Dynaway EAM PrintVis integration is designed to enhance production tracking, foster collaboration between maintenance and production teams, and streamline maintenance operations for businesses that rely on PrintVis MIS/ERP solutions. This partnership opens new avenues for achieving precise asset management and increased efficiency within the printing industry.

This innovative integration facilitates precise management by associating each asset with a designated Cost Center. By doing so, it enables businesses to exercise control over downtime events and capacity blocks, while also providing comprehensive insights into maintenance activities through Downtime Entries associated with Work Orders.

A standout feature of this integration is its inclusivity. It empowers not only maintenance staff but also any relevant personnel with the necessary permissions associated with the Cost Center to initiate maintenance requests. This approach enhances collaboration and ensures that all stakeholders can actively participate in the maintenance process

The integration allows users to perform a wide range of actions directly from the Cost Center Card, resulting in a streamlined and focused workflow. Even when actions cannot be performed, users receive immediate notifications to prevent unnecessary delays. Crucially, modifications or deletions of capacity records can only be performed through the downtime entry record, ensuring accountability and control over critical data. Additionally, actions related to maintenance assets associated with the cost center are seamlessly integrated into the Shop Floor Plan

The Asset Activity Board, made possible through this integration, provides real-time information on ongoing activities within a specific maintenance asset’s Cost Center. This immediate visibility into maintenance-related activities facilitates resource allocation and scheduling. Moreover, the global setup for the Asset Activity Board allows for customization of labels, tooltips, and color codes, ensuring that the user experience is tailored to organizational needs and significantly improving information accessibility.

PrintVis and Dynaway are excited to offer this integration on the Microsoft AppSource platform, making it easily accessible to businesses seeking to maximize their production and maintenance capabilities.

About PrintVis
PrintVis is built directly on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and developed with print specific MIS functionality for wide format, label, packaging, commercial print and apparel. PrintVis is continuously developed by print industry specialists and is the complete end-to-end solution for the print industry to help print businesses run and manage their operations.

About Dynaway
Dynaway provides an enterprise asset management (EAM) solution that is fully embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, focused on prolonging the life of the equipment and optimizing maintenance processes by reducing unscheduled downtime. Our solution enables asset-intensive companies to streamline their maintenance operations, resulting in increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and extended asset lifetime.