When you’re considering the implementation of a new ERP or MIS software solution, you generally have a choice between two kinds of implementation partners. On one hand, there are the traditional vendors who – in a nutshell – activate the software just the way you work today, train your end-users and leave. On the other hand, there are those skilled partners who see the new software solution as a catalyst for initiating and supporting organizational change, and for putting your customers in the center of everything you do. They seek mainly to improve and modernize your current processes and to solve your current bottlenecks.

It is of course interesting to consider which sort of partner your organization requires, and to categorize your potential implementation partners in this way too. Clearly, this second category of partners needs to possess different qualities and knowledge from the first. The courage to discuss nettlesome issues for sure is one of those qualities. It’s also helpful to understand that, on average, these partners are also more experienced and charge higher fees.

Despite COVID-19, new buying behavior and the successes of disruptive business models, most software buyers today tend to simply re-automate their existing processes and methods – sometimes as a conscious choice, but often without realizing it; as a result, they’ve resorted to guiding their organizations based on outdated principles.

To really benefit from the possibilities of new technology, you must be prepared to change, even if it’s a bit painful. In this situation, an implementation partner who is a competent sparring partner is indispensable!

Bottom line: If you really want to get the most out of your new ERP or MIS system (or any digital transformation initiative), don’t choose your implementation partner based solely on the bottom line! You’ll achieve greater and far more meaningful results by seeking out the best sparring partner. This will lead to a stable foundation for future adaptability, a successful project and an ongoing, positive return on your investment.

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