Is your ERP moving ahead or stuck? The ERP market is huge and tech is moving fast (in case you didn’t notice). With so many options to consider for your print business, it’s in your best interest to see which systems are future ready.

That includes your current one.

By now you’ve probably heard of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Its growing AI integration is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Picture a print company’s MIS/ERP powered by AI. That’s where Microsoft’s Business Central is going – it’s making things smarter. And PrintVis, our print-focused MIS, is embedded right there inside Business Central. It makes managing print tasks a breeze, streamlining everything.

We decided to ask ChatGPT (an open AI source) to describe the potential benefits of using AI within Business Central and PrintVis – frankly because it’s so novel that we’re only at the edge of conceiving what’s possible.

So here’s what AI says about AI – and it’s actually pretty exciting:

“While Microsoft’s AI integration into Business Central, especially for print companies utilizing PrintVis, holds immense potential, it’s important to note that these AI functionalities are in the developmental phase. Here are some potential applications that could evolve as the technology matures:


  • Fine-Tuning Cost Estimation and Pricing: As AI algorithms refine their analysis of historical print job data and market dynamics, they could provide more accurate cost estimations and recommend optimal pricing strategies for better profitability.


  • Deeper Customer Insights: With continued data accumulation, AI-driven customer insights might offer a more comprehensive understanding of customer preferences and behaviors, enabling print companies to tailor services more effectively.


  • Evolution of Predictive Maintenance: As AI algorithms gather more data from PrintVis in Business Central, the predictive maintenance capabilities could improve, leading to more accurate forecasts and better optimization of print equipment maintenance schedules.


  • Refinement of Inventory Management: Over time, AI-driven inventory forecasts within PrintVis may become more precise as they analyze a larger dataset of historical print job information and market trends, enhancing inventory control and waste reduction.


  • Maturation of Smart Print Job Scheduling: As AI algorithms learn from ongoing print job data and resource utilization patterns, the smart scheduling feature could become more adaptive, optimizing resource allocation and job sequencing for increased efficiency.


  • Advancements in Quality Control: AI-powered defect detection could improve over time with more refined image recognition capabilities, ensuring even higher print quality standards and fewer errors.


  • Ongoing Workflow Automation: As AI functionalities advance, further automation of print workflows within PrintVis and Business Central could become more seamless, reducing manual intervention and enhancing operational efficiency.


These potential applications of AI within Business Central for print companies using PrintVis highlight the evolving nature of the technology. As it continues to develop and adapt, it holds the promise of significantly optimizing print-specific operations. However, its full effectiveness and refinement are an ongoing journey, poised to deliver greater benefits as the technology matures and accumulates more data and experience within the print industry.”

What do you think? We see a lot of exciting potential here!

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