As the owner of a packaging business, what would you rather do? Constantly chase your shifting customer base, or stand ready and able to adapt your customers’ changing needs and behaviors, with both feet firmly planted?

The trend toward digital within the packaging industry is unquestionably on an upward trajectory. This means a lot more short runs with customizations and variable data – which in turn leads to frequent schedule and quantity changes, coupled with unrelenting demand for quick turn-times.

This can actually be good news if you’ve got a system in place that lets you control all your processes! Read more about our solution for the packaging industry.

One thing is for sure: Having a smart software infrastructure to manage your packaging business is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Without a flexible and comprehensive MIS/ERP system in place, your customers will have you chasing your tail in no time. Lose control over your processes and you might as well call it a day.


The Ultimate Package for Your Packaging Business

Let’s face it: The choices available in MIS/ERP software specific to the packaging industry have run the gamut from A to B, where A equals “a rock” and B equals “a hard place.” Nobody likes what they’ve got but they’re not changing because they don’t see anything better out there.

We’re happy to tell you that’s not the case. There is a complete, user-friendly solution, perfectly suited for the packaging industry:

PrintVis powered by Microsoft Dynamics

PrintVis is the Microsoft-certified solution built directly on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central that actually works for you, streamlining your processes and synchronizing your entire operation. PrintVis is developed by people who know printing, inks, coatings, substrates, machine specs, carton structures, glue patterns – all the elements that go into creating those shiny boxes and colorful packages that entice consumers.