According to a recent survey, 80% of CEOs believe they deliver superior customer service. Yet, only 8% of their customers agree. Customer dissatisfaction is often caused by organizational complexity, and outdated processes, manual operations and the impact of multiple systems all contribute.

Not all systems are solutions

When graphics companies are looking to purchase a new MIS/ERP system, they’ll typically compile a list of requirements and “nice to haves.” The more departments and employees that are involved in this process, the higher the selection standards will be. The results are often a new system that is too heavy, with unnecessary customization, a long implementation time along with higher costs and more risks. But most of all – one that retains the complexity of the legacy setup which necessitated a new solution in the first place.

Time for a new approach?

Companies are used to describing their demands and wishes regarding their new print MIS/ERP software in a detailed manner. Usually, all departments get the chance to supply their share of wishes, realizing that they should take advantage of this opportunity, because otherwise they might have to wait for years once again. Therefore, they can tend to ask for far too much. “Some prospects want to communicate with the moon via XML,” is a frequent saying that characterizes this phenomenon.

It is remarkable that end users are allowed to assert their demands with little or no insight into the cost/gain ratio. These are demands that will strongly influence complexity, often without consideration of the consequences for release flexibility. Does it still seem strange that in practice, companies are only using a small part of the available functionality? After all, by the time that this tremendous effort is finally, fully operational, it can turn out that the dynamics of the market have changed to such an extent that the selected configuration has already become obsolete.

Less is more.

Ensure that your organization knows how to control itself when it comes to defining requirements and wishes. Staying close to the standard functionality of your chosen solution will help you to benefit from all the innovations that you can expect in the coming years.

And simple is better.

In today’s fast changing world, simplicity in your business processes brings a huge advantage. Not only does it make you an attractive partner for your customers, it also makes you less dependent on the handful of senior employees who might understand the current complexity. And finally, it will make your organization more scalable. It is therefore advisable to carry out a simplification process internally before you start selecting your new software.

If you are down-to-earth while compiling your list of requirements and wishes, and if you focus on reducing complexity, this will become the first victory for your new print MIS/ERP system!

One complete solution makes it simple and powerful.

PrintVis is an ISV (independent software vendor) which works with Microsoft resellers to provide superior service and implementation. We enable customers to purchase, train, and go-live on our system in a fraction of the time of other systems in the market.  PrintVis has a solution for any size company in any segment of the graphic arts community: Commercial offset or digital print, label, flexo, packaging, print finishing, bindery and more.

Our PrintVis product is and remains a standard system, simply to ensure that our customers can in fact evolve with the system, as the surrounding world evolves.

However, PrintVis is highly adaptable and can be customized to your businesses’ specific needs. And because our software is built directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, when you get PrintVis, you are also getting Business Central, thus giving your enterprise the bottomless toolkit onto which you can add any specialization you may discover a need for – today or 10 years from now. With PrintVis you acquire access to the amazing Microsoft AppSource ecosystem, where you can discover a world of special add-ons for virtually any need, from specialty shipping and warehousing integration to foreign language packages, custom payroll and accounting systems and most anything else you can imagine. PrintVis offers a complete, versatile business solution from Microsoft to the printing industry – now with a flexible subscription model hosted entirely in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

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