Companies who manufacture labels for the food & beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and similar industries can see great benefit from full or partial automation of their workflow, where there are frequent repeat orders of large quantities, often produced on narrow web (by flexographic and digital presses), and often including inline die-cutting and finishing.

In commercial printing, a typical JDF workflow is made for a fully integrated production order, where all production processes from layout work in pre-press to the packing of the final product are included.

The ESKO Pre-press Order

The workflow for the label industry differs somewhat, because the it starts with a separate “pre-press order” involving Finished Good Items, which are defined as products that can be reordered and produced in the exact same method. This means the pre-press flow is a generic (fully automated) process and considered separate from a label production order.

JDF/JMF communication between PrintVis and the ESKO Automation Engine provide a standard workflow in real time, including:

  • JDF/JMF communication between PrintVis and Automation Engine
  • Automated preflight of customer files and report
  • Creation of proof reports
  • WebCenter as approval tool and for exchanging products between sites
  • And much more…

The ESKO Production Order

All calculations originating from the PrintVis case are used in the Production Order to communicate the required technical information for printing and finishing, in a standardized method called step and repeat.

Learn more about the Esko Automation Engine.

Pre-press Orders

This functionality was developed for our integration with the ESKO Automation Engine, where a pre-press JDF automation is a standalone order for the creation of an approved, single-product PDF with step and repeat information.  It occurred to us that some print companies may produce pre-press-only orders without needing JDF, so we’ve made it generally available in our new release.

PrintVis Pre-press Orders are a special class of order that don’t involve any actual print production. They simply comprise all processes that lead up to a customer proof approval.