We encourage all our partners to become certified in PrintVis!

PrintVis provides an online learning portal for all of our Partners (we also try to hold in-person training boot camps at least once per year). It includes a series of in-depth lessons, developed and written by our own experienced Consultants, who know what is needed to successfully implement PrintVis for end-customers.

Once certified, our partners are able to demonstrate the level of competence in the PrintVis solution that will establish credibility and earn the confidence of our clients in the print world.

This week we hear from Raymond van den Berg of Rainbow CrossMedia, a longtime PrintVis Partner based in The Netherlands. Raymond recently passed his PrintVis certification and has some thoughts to share.

Raymond van den Berg of Rainbow CrossMedia


Thoughts on PrintVis Certification

Was the certification process difficult? And what do you perceive as the value of being certified? 

PrintVis certification is an intensive process, but by going through all the lessons you will come across functionality that you did not know.

Do you think the format lends itself to retaining the information? Was it immersive, or surprisingly difficult? Were there areas that you found particularly challenging?

In principle, the setup of certification is okay. What I have missed are schematic overviews of the various processes. This will be a great help to understand the written information.

By offering all the content, which can also be found in the knowledge base of PrintVis, you are also triggered to read articles that are not mentioned in the chapter. The lesson “deep dive estimating” is a challenge!

Additionally, any insights on Rainbow’s methodology that you’d like to share (without giving away any trade secrets of course). We want to spotlight your company as well.

By organizing your business processes really smartly and efficiently, you can optimally serve customers at acceptable rates. And you are able to continuously move with your customers and the market. That is exactly our passion. We automate the entire workflow of your graphics company with Microsoft Dynamics and PrintVis, solutions that are ready for tomorrow.

We challenge you to work smarter and more efficiently every day, because performing today is important. But continuity for the future is what it’s really all about!

Is your team working entirely from satellite offices? Locations? Geographic area of strength?

Today, consider the home offices as satellite locations :). During the pandemic, everyone has experienced that online sessions through Teams or Zoom can be a great option for a quick way to share knowledge.

What would you like a prospective customer to know about Rainbow?

We are not only IT experts, but also at home in the graphics world. We know what is going on and what counts for your company and customers. With our knowledge and experience we help to make optimal use of PrintVis ‒ now and in the future. Whether you are a graphic company in the printing, large format, the carton or labels industry: we know the possibilities of the software in every area. Those opportunities passengers in a way that fits the needs of your company.

How did your career path lead you to software consultancy?

After I followed a graphic education course and gained experience in various positions in various types of printing companies (18 years), I switched to software consultancy. Thanks to these years of practical experience, I can properly inform the customer about how to automate his processes.

Many thanks, Raymond, for sharing your thoughts, and congratulations on your achievement!

Be sure to check out Rainbow CrossMedia’s website for tons of information on print MIS/ERP, including a free eBook and other powerful resources to help you on your buyer’s journey toward a comprehensive print management solution to run every aspect of your business.