Do you know your critical path?

One of the worst approaches an organization can take in an MIS/ERP implementation project is to rush – as we all understand the likely negative impact of rushing on quality. But there’s something even worse: working with a business-critical system that is no longer fully supported by your vendor. So, if you are planning to migrate your on-premises software solution to the cloud in the near future, it makes sense to commence with good research.

Can you recall how much time it took your organization to select, contract, implement and finally deploy your current software solution(s)? If not, it may be wise to find out – and you may discover that these processes can take a significant chunk of time. Even for small or medium-sized graphics businesses, the entire process has easily taken one and a half to two years, possibly more. Usually this is because your available capacities are limited, and you have a business to run.

Fortunately software implementations and upgrades have been made tremendously more streamlined and seamless with the advent of cloud computing, and methods for continuous improvement, such as RapidStart.

Some things to consider…

First important question: If you were to start this process today, are you sure that your current solution can count on active support from your vendor throughout that whole period? Including complete security, solving bugs, the delivery of new versions and complying with all legislation and regulations that are relevant for you?

What if you don’t start today, but in 6 or 12 months? Has your vendor already confirmed this complete active support to you in writing?

Today, almost every MIS/ERP vendor is in the process of transforming their solutions from on-premises to the public cloud. And it is expected that many of them will start publishing end-of-support data for their on-premises solutions any time soon. That can of course influence your plans.

Second important question: Is your preferred implementation partner available to start this project when you are ready?

Apart from internal considerations, you also need to deal with external factors, such as the capacity of your implementation partner to migrate your system. After all, with the large number of on-premises users who want to migrate to the cloud in the coming years, it is quite conceivable that waiting times will occur.


If you want to successfully migrate your on-premises software solutions to the cloud in the near future, you need to know what your critical path is. This all starts with good research. Make sure that you know how long your current solution will be supported – and consider the fact that your organization is not the only one who needs capacity.

There is a clear path to a complete solution.

PrintVis is an ISV (independent software vendor) which works with Microsoft resellers to provide superior service and implementation. We enable customers to purchase, train, and go-live on our system in a fraction of the time of other systems in the market.  PrintVis has a solution for any size company in any segment of the graphic arts community: Commercial offset or digital print, label, flexo, packaging, print finishing, bindery and more.

Our PrintVis product is and remains a standard system, simply to ensure that our customers can in fact evolve with the system, as the surrounding world evolves.

However, PrintVis is highly adaptable and can be customized to your businesses’ specific needs. And because our software is built directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, when you get PrintVis, you are also getting Business Central, thus giving your enterprise the bottomless toolkit onto which you can add any specialization you may discover a need for – today or 10 years from now. With PrintVis you acquire access to the amazing Microsoft AppSource ecosystem, where you can discover a world of special add-ons for virtually any need, from specialty shipping and warehousing integration to foreign language packages, custom payroll and accounting systems and most anything else you can imagine. PrintVis offers a complete, versatile business solution from Microsoft to the printing industry – now with a flexible subscription model hosted entirely in the secure Microsoft Azure cloud.

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