Starting projects for the implementation of a print MIS/ERP software in the right way is critical to achieving success for your graphics business. After all, the impact of a new software solution and its subsequent business processes on your staff, their mindset and their behavior – is enormous.

So why would you limit your project kick-off event to just the IT department and a handful of key users? And why only talk about functionality and planning in that meeting?

Also important: which powerful individual from your management will host this kickoff event in the role of the project sponsor? Clearly, a good kick-off comes with a cost. But please keep in mind that the cost of a bad kickoff can be much higher.
It happens often, and it starts with rumors at the coffee machines about a secret project coming up. Unknown professionals dressed in suits are walking in and out of the building. Some of the smartest colleagues are taken out of their jobs to contribute to this ‘project X’ – and the rest suddenly has to work a lot harder because of that.

What’s going on?

Communication is Key

If your teams don’t understand what’s in it for them when you roll out a new print software solution, all the time, energy and money you’re putting into deploying it won’t pay off. So, it is of vital importance to dedicate as much time to change management as you do to the technical aspects of your new implementation or upgrade. If you fail to do so, you will experience low adoption levels, unrealized benefits and overall poor employee engagement and morale.

How technology affects someone’s day is what matters most. If you can address the fears or hesitance they have, you’ll get their buy-in more quickly. A team member may have had a bad experience with an implementation – or may just misunderstand what’s coming. Giving them the opportunity to ask questions helps to remove tension – and creates engagement.

Successful projects are always facilitated by a strong project sponsor. This person must do the opening of the kickoff session, make the strategic importance clear and provide clarity on the desired behavior and thinking. It is of course necessary for the sponsor to be present. For what is the non-verbal communication implying when he or she is absent “because of something more important?”

Transparency helps to create trust. And trust is a critical part of a successful change management effort. So, if you start your next implementation or major software upgrade with a professional, well-planned kickoff, you win the cooperation of your teams and significantly increase the chances of a successful print MIS/ERP project.

Empower Your Project Sponsor by Adopting a Solution Your Company Won’t Outgrow

PrintVis is the Microsoft-certified MIS solution for the print industry vertical, based on their world-proven ERP platform now known as Dynamics 365 Business Central. PrintVis lets you respond to growth and decline in a highly dynamic business environment, whether you work in flexible packaging, rigid packaging, label, commercial print, wide format or any other component of the print industry spectrum.

With your primary cost driver being the number of users you need, PrintVis gives you extraordinary flexibility. Our business model lets you maintain your investment level in accordance with your current use of the product. Simply put, you don’t pay for more than you need.

PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central combine to make a complete, flexible solution you won’t outgrow.

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