This week the PrintVis team at our headquarters in Odder, Denmark was pleasantly surprised with a certificate of honor and a handsome statuette, recognizing the company’s inclusion in a group of outstanding Danish businesses.

Spar Nord (large Danish bank) and BDO (one of the largest Danish accountant companies) have identified the 1,000 Danish companies that have achieved the greatest success over the past five years measured on a number of financial parameters.

The award is called ”Succesvirksomhed” (Successful company is a direct translation), and is awarded on the basis of an analysis of the accounting history of approximately 350,000 small and medium-sized enterprises.

Successful companies qualify on the basis of the number of employees and are assessed on the basis of performance on the following parameters:

  • Growth in profit before tax over the past five years
  • Solvency ratio (must be at least 15%) in the most recent financial year
  • Growth in solvency measured over the past five years
  • The ability to create results with the given capital base


PrintVis is very proud of this achievement and grateful to Spar Nord and BDO for the special recognition.