Launched a few years ago to coincide with Microsoft’s integration of both NAV and CRM for the Outlook email client, PrintVis Outlook Pages continues with Dynamics 365 Business Central as an integrated web service which displays the basic data from the Customer Card along the right side of the Outlook window.

With the Contact Insights button at the top right, you can view key information on a person from whom you have an email, such as their company, customer history, related contacts, credit balance and more.

It’s also possible to start some PrintVis processes, such as creating a new case and launching the Quick Quote function directly from within Outlook, based on the selected email address. This sort of of functional integration is perfect for the sales person on the road who needs quick access from a mobile device, to pull up a job’s status or to fire off an updated quantity/price for a client at a business lunch, for example.

Check out a quick run-through of the setup in the video below, and read more details from Microsoft here.