Why selecting the right name for your next print MIS/ERP project can be crucial for your project success

It’s widely understood that achieving success in print MIS/ERP projects and digital transformation initiatives heavily depends on the will and the ability of your teams to accept change. A new print software solution may not only include a different interface for end users – it often also involves modernized business processes, increased cooperation among departments, new approaches to customer interaction and the possibility to improve business insights with better reporting and dashboards.

With all these changes it is of crucial importance to get your staff fully engaged – not just with the software, but with the whole project. And of course also with the project’s goals. Here’s where the importance of the right project name should be carefully considered.

Traditionally, software projects have had a top-down approach, driven by the IT department and often suffering from a poor communication component. It’s no big wonder that for many years end user adoption was problematic, to say the least.

Luckily, in the print software industry we have learned our lessons. In today’s projects, most vendors and their customers understand the importance of engaging their teams. They ask for input and good ideas. They inform and guide them via professional kick-off sessions.

Unfortunately though, not all organizations have acknowledged that explaining the ‘why’ of the project – and choosing the right project name plays a crucial role as well.       

Staying in Time & Budget

Many projects all over the world would state ‘staying in time and budget’ as their highest project goal. And no doubt this is an important goal to strive for – but have you ever wondered what this goal means for your team?

Let’s be honest. What percentage of your team members know the exact size of your project budget? How many of them are in a position to influence this financial goal? And for how many colleagues is ‘staying within budget’ relevant to their newly-developing roles?

Not a very appealing target for many.

As these projects are all about the future of your company and the relationship with your customers, you should consider making the selection of the right project name a board decision. So don’t leave that decision to your IT or finance departments.

Connecting your strategic business and organization goals with your next major software upgrade or new implementation project will secure the buy-in of all your team members. If you take the time to communicate and explain this well, it will give them ‘something to fight for’ – and that will help you to expand the positive impact of your project well beyond the moment of Go-Live.

So, what’s in a name? PrintVis envisions your business as a lifelong and loyal customer of our print MIS/ERP solution, powered by Microsoft Dynamics. The system has the flexibility to grow and expand along with your business, adroitly adapting to all the changes life throws your way.

A Solution You Won’t Outgrow


PrintVis is the Microsoft-certified MIS solution for the print industry vertical, based on their world-proven ERP platform Dynamics 365 Business Central. PrintVis lets you respond to growth and decline in this highly dynamic business environment, whether you work in flexible packaging, rigid packaging, label, commercial print, wide format or any other component of the print industry spectrum.

With your primary cost driver being the number of users you need, PrintVis gives you extraordinary flexibility. Our business model lets you maintain your investment level in accordance with your current use of the product. Simply put, you don’t pay for more than you need.

PrintVis is a solution you won’t outgrow!

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