Getting an estimate delivered quickly and accurately to your customer is your top priority as a printer. Every other function in your ERP system is secondary to that estimate’s primary purpose: winning the order before your competition does.

PrintVis lets you build quotes in a variety of ways, depending on the complexity of the job and the way your company works. Our flexible setup allows for the building of a company-wide system, which makes it very easy for different users to estimate jobs, using various building-blocks, or even easier – using templates. Quote requests that require multiple options are easily made a few clicks. PrintVis’ estimation gives you all the key figures you need – a complete overview of the economic aspects of a job, such as direct cost, total cost, overhead, markup and ultimate sales price. This allows you to get creative with the quotes you offer to your customers.

Templates for estimating can be built from any job – simplifying repeat orders and storing all the vital details – materials, machines, schedule, subcontractors, etc. – that go into pricing a job. This way estimates can be generated in a fraction of the normal time and your estimator rest assured that the price is right. Also, Quick Quotes for simple/routine orders can be made by CSRs instead of your high-paid estimator, freeing him/her to work on the complicated stuff.

Estimation is really the heart of the PrintVis system!

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