May 30, 2023 – PrintVis, a leading provider of print MIS, is thrilled to announce the release of PrintVis 22, offering enhanced features and improved functionalities.

PrintVis is committed to providing innovative solutions that empower print industry professionals. This new release reflects our continued dedication to meeting the evolving requirements of the print industry and helping customers achieve operational excellence.

One of the key highlights of PrintVis 22 is the new The PrintVis Report Setup functionality which and offers an enhanced process for configuring quotes and order confirmation documents. improvements. The PrintVis Report Setup feature, based on Business Central reports using a built-in Word layout, simplifies the creation of essential reports. This provides default layouts for Quote and Order Confirmation reports, offering users a seamless experience right out of the box.

PrintVis 22 introduces the new WIP (Work-In-Progress) Setup and Journal pages, catering to companies utilizing WIP in their operations. Users can choose from various WIP methods, including Earned Sales, Completed Job (Single Cost Account), and Completed Job (Multiple Cost Accounts). The PrintVis WIP Journal provides a comprehensive overview of work in progress, enhancing operational visibility and control.

With the aim of enhancing user experience, PrintVis 22 introduces several improvements, including the Advanced Case Card option, which consolidates job details directly on the Case Card, eliminating the need to navigate to separate pages. The new Production Status field on the Case Card provides real-time visibility into the status of individual orders within a case. Additionally, the PrintVis Onboarding process has been refined, allowing prospects to easily trial PrintVis and Business Central and progressively go live with the system.

PrintVis 22 also introduces Tool Fields on the Sheet Matchmaker page, enabling users to filter and gang orders based on shared tools, optimizing production runs. Furthermore, the release includes additional fixes and changes, such as enhanced EasyPost setup and improved performance when sorting shipments by order number.

Available Languages
PrintVis is available in multiple languages, including English (United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand), German (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Italian, ensuring a localized experience for customers worldwide.

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