Recently a group of members from the PrintVis team found ourselves entrenched in the lovely facilities of the Microsoft Technology Center in Alpharetta, Georgia, engaged in intensive training with a collection of our newer Partners from North America. Motivated colleagues from ArcherpointSabre Limited and Captiva had all come to learn PrintVis – what is it, how can print businesses use it and what differentiates it from the larger market of print MIS solutions.

When competition is on the rise (and when isn’t it, really?), a consultancy/reseller company can truly elevate and distinguish itself by pursuing an industry verticalDiscrete manufacturing is the smart place to focus, and print is arguably the best example of an industry that shines – not only for its longevity but also its impressive (pun intended) ability to grow and adapt with the changes thrown at it by technological advances. From the centuries-old Gutenberg press printing the earliest Bibles to the stunningly fast and accurate capabilities of, say, the latest Xerox iGen – the industry – and art – of print will continue to thrive as long as humans need to communicate.

With that in mind, we applaud our Microsoft Partners for their wise investment of time and resources to learn our print-specific MIS, developed on the world-renowned ERP that is Microsoft Dynamics – so that they can go and implement PrintVis on their own and bring a proven, complete solution the North American print market.

While PrintVis has been serving print companies worldwide for over 20 years, we are still comparatively new to this geographical segment, but that’s changing rapidly. Printers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico who are already using the various products in the Microsoft Office Suite are finding that a solution built exclusively to address the needs of their trade, on a certified and familiar platform, is a sensible and intelligent business choice to make.

So here we sit and train in our classrooms full of Consultants and Developers, most of whom already have a PrintVis implementation or two under their belts. We count on our Partner network to deliver PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics (formerly NAV, now updated to Business Central) with our trusted methodology, building and maintaining quality, professional – and local – relationships with their customers. Bravo!

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