PrintVis is the Microsoft-certified MIS built specifically for the print industry, based on Microsoft Dynamics, the world-renowned ERP system for mid-market businesses.

This powerful union creates a comprehensive solution to meet the most basic and advanced needs of any type or size of print company, from the first quote until the job is produced and delivered to the customer – including a complete financial package and robust business intelligence from Microsoft.

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North American Partner Training!

For over 20 years, PrintVis (also known as NovaVision Software) has been growing our worldwide Partner Network. Anyone who knows ERP will tell you it's no simple task to get an individual - let alone a company - to the point where they are adequately trained on the system and they can implement on their [...]

Tip of the Week #193 – The Planning Unit

Tip of the Week #193 - The Planning Unit This week, Senior Consultant Thomas Beck Andersen has a tip for optimizing your print production plan. You can use the field “Planning Unit” on the Capacity Unit card to further define the efficiency of a particular machine. It is used to modify the hours calculated for [...]

Thoughts from Directions

Sales Manager John Mullins shares some thoughts from the recent Directions conference in Las Vegas. Having just left one of the largest gatherings of Partners in North America who sell and support Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, I thought I would share my thoughts from the conference and what seems to be on the horizon. I [...]

Tip of the Week #192 – Renaming an Entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Tip of the Week #192 - Renaming an Entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developer Tommy Svensen Møballe brings us this week's helpful tip.  Renaming an Entry in NAV Working with NAV (now known as Business Central), you may have seen this message before: This message is just to inform you that some work will be [...]

Tip of the Week #191 – Page Navigation in Business Central

Tip of the Week #191 - Page Navigation in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Senior Consultant Jörg Hüner's Tip of the Week will help you to navigate your way around the Windows Clients. Subject: Working with several lists and pages at the same time – Open page in a new Window function. When working with [...]

Postcard from Directions North America 2019

Directions North America 2019 PrintVis Sales Manager John Mullins is in Las Vegas this week, along with colleague Helle Vogt Mikkelsen, to connect with Partners and try to get an idea of what Microsoft has in store for its Dynamics 365 Business Central product line. The annual conference provides a professional venue where Dynamics partners [...]

Tip of the Week #190 – RapidStart!

Tip of the Week #190 - RapidStart! Marketing Coordinator Michael Bradley tells us about a powerful tool for a faster, smarter ERP implementation. As most print companies know, the greatest and most common objection to adopting a new ERP system, whether moving from an existing system or implementing from scratch, is the serious concern of [...]

Tip of the Week #189 – Problems Opening a Customer Database in the NAV 2009 Classic Client

Tip of the Week #189 - Problems Opening a Customer Database in the NAV 2009 Classic Client Developer Peter Tijsma has some helpful advice for those running older versions. What if you cannot open a Customer database in the NAV 2009 Classic Client? Sometimes you encounter strange messages like this when opening a NAV 2009 [...]

Tip of the Week #188 – Delete User Personalization

Tip of the Week #188 - Delete User Personalization Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj has a quick tip for us this week. Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV) lets us personalize our clients with columns, filters and other local rebuilds. The database remembers this for us as a line stored in the "User Personalization" [...]

CIP4 Spring InterOp, Copenhagen 2019

CIP4 Spring InterOp, Copenhagen 2019 PrintVis has been a keen participant in the CIP4 community for many years. For outsiders to the printing industry, the work done in this dedicated forum is completely obscure; for printing company staff members it is largely unnoticed except for a small portion of techies in the printing industry who [...]

Live Report from the Wrong Side of the Track

Dynamics 365 Business Central Partners: Transforming Existing ISV Solutions Senior PrintVis Consultant Kit Tomshøj brings a LIVE report to you from the "wrong (side of the) track." Day 1 I am misplaced – I’ll admit it. At Microsoft Development Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, I am sitting in sessions under the headline track: Transforming Existing ISV [...]

Tip of the Week #187 – TempBLOB

Tip of the Week #187 - TempBLOB Developer Rikard Hult brings us this week's tech tip. The table TempBLOB has some great functions that could be used to store and read data into BLOB fields. And it's easy to use! Forget instream and outstream and other complex methods. Step 1. Create a table with a [...]

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