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PrintVis & NAV 2018: The Time to Upgrade is NOW

Why upgrade to Dynamics NAV 2018 now? As you may know, Microsoft Dynamics NAV will be officially absorbed into the Dynamics 365 Business Central "universe" later in 2018. This is basically NAV in new packaging. In Product Manager Marko Perisic's own words, "Dynamics 365 is the next generation of NAV for the age of digital [...]

Tip of the Week #159 – MOXA Moxie

Tip of the Week #159 - MOXA Moxie This week Project Manager Torben Nielsen brings us a tip on shop floor data connectivity. Did you know… You can connect PrintVis directly to your Cost Centers? PrintVis supports the gathering of basic performance information from your printing presses and other Cost Centers, no matter what make [...]

Tip of the Week #158 – Quickly Create a New Capacity or Price Unit

Tip of the Week #158 - Quickly Create a Capacity or Price unit Senior Consultant Thomas Beck Andersen points out yet another handy feature of the PrintVis/NAV system that you probably didn't know about. If you need to create a single cost center - manually - there is a fast and easy way when not [...]

JDF Enhancements in PrintVis 2018

As the standard file format for the printing industry, JDF simplifies information exchange among various systems and provides detailed information, including design and workflow details, as well as Job Messaging Format (JMF) signaling, so you can track a project from start to finish. "JDF has given our organization the ability to make an interface with [...]

Tip of the Week #157 – Recording Permissions

Tip of the Week #157 - Recording Permissions Consultant Douglas Wiley is back this week with another helpful tip. PrintVis boasts very strong security, and that enables you to manage which users are able to see, modify, add and delete different types of records within the system. There are standard permission sets which are used [...]

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – New Datasets for Purchase and Case Documents

NEW DATASETS FOR PURCHASE AND CASE DOCUMENTS Rather than requiring the assistance of a Developer when commonly-desired fields for Reports are wanted, in PrintVis 2018 we have made things easier for customers - by adding some new datasets which are available to customize in standard Word document layouts. The new Datasets for reports can be [...]

Tip of the Week #156 – Default Role Center

Tip of the Week #156 - Default Role Center Senior Consultant Dennis André Thomsen brings us this week's helpful tip. Did you know that you can apply a "default" Role Center, rather than assigning a unique one for every user in the system? If the majority of your employees should all work from the same [...]

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Condition Sets at Status Change

CONDITION SETS AT STATUS CHANGE PV2018 brings a new functionality: ‘Condition settings’ for Cost Centers - to perform checks on stock size and stock thickness through a Status Code change. The purpose is to alert a user if the selected paper for a process doesn’t meet the specifications of the press (the Cost Center) - [...]

Tip of the Week #155 – Formulas in Documents and their Limitation Cap

Tip of the Week #155 - Formulas in Documents and Their Limitation Cap System Developer Tommy Svensen Møballe brings us this week's helpful tip. Making a Quote, Order Confirmation… or Invoice can become tedious if one is forced to manually input the information each time. The Documents functionality in PrintVis provides a quick and easy [...]

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Enhanced Purchase Guide Functionality

ENHANCED PURCHASE GUIDE FUNCTIONALITY   In PrintVis 2018 it is now possible to change or update the cost for an Item in the Calculation Details (Cost Price Field) or on the Purchase Guide (Direct Cost PrintVis Field) - and this cost will be automatically transferred to the "PV Unit Cost (LCY)" on the purchase line. [...]

Tip of the Week #154 – Material Requirement

Tip of the Week #154 - Material Requirement This week, Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj points out a valuable piece of PrintVis functionality that lets print companies easily manage their raw materials. What Orders do I need this paper for? A printing company can have an amazingly large list of raw materials – most of them [...]

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Shipping to Multiple U.S. Tax Jurisdictions

SHIPPING TO MULTIPLE U.S. TAX JURISDICTIONS We have made it easier to handle multiple shipments from a single Case, which may be sent to different tax jurisdictions in the U.S. This can be managed within the Invoice Template build, by designating a special invoicing method in the setup. It will then group the lines on [...]

Tip of the Week #152 – Upgrade and Prepare

Tip of the Week #152 - Upgrade and Prepare Marketing Coordinator Michael Bradley serves up some healthy advice in this week's tip. As you should know by now, PrintVis is embedded directly within Microsoft Dynamics NAV – it is not a separate system. Other management information systems are add-ons (plug-ins, bolt-ons) - external software designed to [...]

Tip of the Week #151 – GDPR

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. GDPR is a European privacy and security law that establishes a new global standard for privacy rights, security, and compliance. The GDPR is fundamentally about protecting and enabling the privacy rights of individuals. The GDPR establishes strict privacy requirements governing how organizations [...]

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Over/Under Delivery

OVER/UNDER DELIVERY Printing, like any discreet manufacturing process, involves spoilage of materials and is subject to both human and mechanical error, typically over a range of procedural steps - before a job is completed as ordered. Therefore, variations in quantity of finished orders occur all the time, and it’s crucial that your billing department invoices [...]

Tip of the Week #151 – Gouged by Emojis!

Tip of the Week #150 - Gouged by Emojis! PrintVis Office Assistant Heidi Quod Nielsen speaks from experience when she advises you to notice the details of your phone plan when traveling. Be careful when sending SMS messages from abroad. Being in charge of our sales and purchase invoices, I learned a very expensive lesson [...]

What’s New in PrintVis 2018 – Invoice Dimension Allocation

INVOICE DIMENSION ALLOCATION In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, a Dimension represents a specific category of your business, and each Dimension can contain subcategories known as Dimension Values (think “Apples” as one Dimension, and Gala, Fuji and Golden Delicious as Dimension Values). You rely on your accounting department to keep you apprised of where you are making [...]

Tip of the Week #150 – Updating Currency Rates in NAV

Tip of the Week #149 - Updating Currency Exchange Rates in NAV System Developer Rikard Hult bring us this week's helpful tip. Many of you out there may be unaware that Yahoo shut down their finance API last year, without warning. This means that for those using the service to monitor currency exchange rates in [...]