We’ve discussed the importance of continuity before, and how software continuity is a crucial benchmark for long-term success when selecting an MIS/ERP solution. The implementation of such management software in organizations can be a challenging and risky process, with potential for failure and disruption.

While PrintVis and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central constitute a seamlessly combined solution of both print MIS and ERP, let’s look at a solely ERP example.


This risk was recently demonstrated by SAP’s decision to discontinue support for its cloud ERP solution Business ByDesign, leaving over 10,000 customers in 140 countries facing significant challenges. It’s crucial to consider the continuity prospects of the ERP system you are currently using in order to ensure the success of your organization in the long-term.

Business ByDesign was introduced by SAP in 2007 as their first cloud-based ERP solution, with a promise to reduce ERP operating costs by up to 90 percent. However, the product launch was delayed by two years and faced low market acceptance, as it overlapped with other SMB offerings from SAP.

Compounded by these challenges, the product did not meet its ambitious sales targets and product development has been limited since 2013. The end result is that SAP has decided to discontinue support for Business ByDesign completely.

SAP has handed over the responsibility for minimal support, including security patches and legal updates, to its Indian service partner HCL Technologies. This limited support effectively means a technological standstill for affected customers, who are now faced with the challenge of selecting and implementing new software as soon as possible – and the question lingers as to whether they will continue doing business with SAP in the future.

The Critical Importance of Software Continuity

Obviously, an ERP solution that is no longer actively supported will eventually become obsolete, regardless of how well it may have fit the needs of the organization at the time of implementation. Continuity should be a key consideration when selecting an ERP solution to ensure long-term success and minimize the risk of disruption.

Here are some valuable tips when you’re involved in ERP software selection processes:

  • Do NOT rely solely on the promises of sales and marketing professionals.
  • Give more attention to structured research of continuity expectations.
  • Pay extra attention to vendors offering multiple solutions for the same market.
  • Continuity has many different aspects, but what ultimately matters is the continuity of your internal information provision.
  • A little bit of luck always helps!


Conclusion: Thoroughly evaluating the future continuity prospects of your preferred ERP solutions during the selection process will increase the chances of a successful long-term implementation and use.

25 Years of Continuous, Reliable Innovation and Improvement

That’s correct, it’s been a quarter of a century since PrintVis entered the print management software market. As the base platform has evolved (Navision, Dynamics NAV, now Business Central or “BC”), our embedded, print-specific functionality has matured with it, and the combined solution has proven its stability with hundreds of installations around the world.

PrintVis implementations have run the gamut, from our very first cloud customer, a small print broker in Denmark, to enterprise-scale projects with multiple facilities and many hundreds of users.

PrintVis Admin Role Center

The PrintVis Admin Role Center

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