Tip of the Week #8 – Automation from the PrintVis User Card

Tip of the Week #8: Automation from the PrintVis User Card

Senior Consultant Kit Tomshøj is back with a new time saver – customizing individual user settings in the PrintVis setup to reflect the most frequently-selected options for quote requests, order types and more – so that such basic information does not have to be entered repeatedly.

In administration we want to make sure that the time it takes to register a new quote or order is kept at a minimum.

This is done by tweeking all areas to support an easy process.

One of these tweeks is on the User Card.

For example it is very simple to pick a standard Order Type here – and after this the user will only have to choose a different order type should the job require it. Typically though, a given user will have 80% of their jobs fall within a single order type.

Kit Tomshøj
Automation from the User Card in PrintVis

Also, If the user is a sales person, the system can default a certain Order Coordinator, so the organizational flow can be set at the order creation instead of manual pick. This can of course be manually overwritten in those cases where others must step in to coordinate or estimate a job.

For others, a default Salesperson can be set on a new case, but will be overwritten from the customer card (if there is a salesperson on the customer).

Thank you Kit!

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