Tip of the Week #75 – The New PrintVis HelpDesk

PrintVis Tip of the Week #75 – The New PrintVis HelpDesk

This week Project Manager Torben Nielsen shares the good news about the launching of our new PrintVis HelpDesk.

As we have just launched a new support portal, we encourage you as a partner or customer to take advantage of the many new benefits presented.

These include FAQs, a Learning Portal and an easy-to-use ticket system for handling your support requests.

This new ticket system of course allows you to communicate with our support team, but also ensures that you always have the latest status with all communications documented on the ticket.

Check it out today!

Already have a hotline agreement, but not yet a registered user on our support portal?

Get signed up at support.printvis.com today!

Thank you Torben!

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